🛑 STOP… Watch Before You Start SMILE DIRECT CLUB, Candid, Invisalign, or Traditional Ortho!

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3 THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU START SMILE DIRECT CLUB, CANDID, CLEAR CORRECT OR INVISALIGN Are you unsatisfied with your smile and want straighter teeth, but you don’t want to waste your time or money? Maybe you’ve considered braces, Invisalign, Candid or even Smile Direct Club. Before you decide which aligners best for you, read about three things will save you from frustration with dentistry and help you get the most life out of your new smile! A straight smile with undiagnosed decay and infection will become extremely costly in the long run! Cavities will not typically hurt until they are large or close to the nerve, resulting in a much more expensive solution than if they were fixed earlier. Infections are not always painful, leaving you unaware of the bacteria causing bone loss or other health problems. Gum disease and periodontal disease are also generally painless but left untreated, they can result in tooth and bone loss, limiting your options to restore your smile. Visiting a dentist for a thorough examination and x-rays prior to starting tooth alignment will ensure your straight smile is also a healthy smile! Orthodontics alone may not result in the smile of your dreams. We know that you want the best Invisalign before and after photos! If you have teeth that are shorter or smaller than others, or wear caused by a bad bite, veneers can provide the final aesthetic look you may be looking for. Cosmetic veneers require positioning and spacing considerations during orthodontic treatment. If you are not happy with the shape, size, or color of your teeth, it is best to consult with a dentist who is experienced in Cosmetics and Orthodontics to avoid wasting your hard earned resources. Missing teeth can often be the reason for crooked or shifting teeth. The teeth around a missing tooth will shift into the open space. Sometimes, you will unknowingly compensate for the missing tooth and create wear on other teeth and joints. If an implant is required, special considerations are required while straightening the teeth. When aligning teeth, proper space needs to be planned. Consult with a dentist experienced in replacing missing teeth to ensure you aren’t spending unnecessary time in treatment. If you are looking for a place that you can trust with your smile, we can help. At Innovative Dental, we know going to the dentist is intimidating, which is why we reinvented the dental experience to help you smile brighter. Call us now at 417-889-4746 or visit http://www.idspringfield.com/invisalign/ to schedule your complimentary smile consultation.

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    1. @d b Get an ortho consult. Most dentists simply don’t have the training to handle those issues. One of my back molars is like that, and we’re fixing it with Invisalign. Nothing should be tilted or not on a proper curve once you’ve had Invisalign (very few exceptions–and your doc should be able to explain why it’s *medically* not possible).

  1. Barely through half of the video and I’m sitting here doing impressions for Smile Direct Club… Looks like I may need my money back soon 😅 Starting out with everything, they had me order the kit first then follow through with pictures (no stretcher). Received the kit, got the stretcher but no how to guide…so YouTube became my guide. So I’m sitting here like 🤔 Why did I have to take the pictures first without the stretcher I was supposed to receive, when the website clearly states I’d get one with the kit?? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. I love his first point . I was getting ready to get braces and before doing so .. I had to take care of my filling for my teeth that had cavities… I had to Root canals and had to get a deep cleaning .. so I am happy with Decision to go with the Invisalign considering how expensive braces are.

  3. BEFORE YOU SPEND THOUSANDS please read this:

    There is cheap Invisalign that cost very less that really helped me. Depending on your teeth situation and what you want approve !!

    Theses are universal braces made of flexible materials, different jaw sizes and teeth alignments can fit and it provides a strong pressure memory that contracts and pushes teeth into new position.

    Threre is 3 different stages

    REPLY TO THIS COMMENT for more info

  4. As an RDA in California I keep telling people this is a friggin scam!!!!! Orthodontists go to school for 12+ years and dentistry is so expensive, no just for patients but for overhead costs, staff, and ridiculously expensive equipment. You need to see a frickin dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re literally changing you face, not just moving teeth!!! It’s a big deal!!!! You save money in short term but long term you’re gonna pay out the butt to attempt to fix it!!! DO NOT DO IT OMG DO NOT!!!!!!! 💯

    1. Absolutely. I fell for it, but thankfully managed to get a refund and stop treatment before any potential damage was done. Now have an orthodontist and braces. I think people fall victim to the scam so much for a variety of reasons particularly the lower cost of aligners and the convenience of them being removable and invisible.

  5. I’m here 2years later but just want to say if any one sees this comment , listen to this man , I went to an orthodontist recommended by work colleges she is famous in my country , she put me braces before the cleaning before checking for decays or even checking my gum , I found that a little weird so I went back to see dentist I used to visit when I was little and he told me I was literally going to loose my teeth before 50 because I have a serious gum problem and hidden decays so he took the braces today. And I felt disappointed because my teeth already started to line up but this video came to bring me peace , I’m gonna do what my dentist advice me to do and then may be get invisible line treatment

  6. This is my opinion on Invisalign and other products of the sort. A series of same type of ortho appliances could be made in succession by a dentist with greater success that extrapolating future retainers from one initial impression. That being said, the cost would be greater but rightfully so, because the dentist provides far more service.
    Also another thing I might add. My ordered Invisalign and there was in my opinion, an excessive extension onto the gingiva… which, due to swelling caused by the new appliance, interfered with the fit of the retainer. I reduced the material where then it fit.
    It was surely interesting to see but I feel bad for people who have unsuccessful treatments or trouble receiving maintenance such as the adjustment I made to my girls friends retainer.

  7. This is my exact concern. I know how much work needs to be done on my teeth before I can even begin to have them fixed. Broken missing teeth. Pretty sure I have cavities or need a route canal or 3 is what I was told in the past but I didn’t have any pain. I’ve had pain here and there and a recent infection where my whole left cheek was inflamed but I treated myself with antibiotics. Idk where begin to find the appropriate place for me. I wish I could go here

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