10 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp And Protect Your Mental Health | 10 Habits That Damage Your Brain



Knowingly or ignorantly we sometimes cause damage to our brains. Find out 10 such habits we may have in this video. Share this video with those who may be interested in this. Our goal is to make good health a priority, promote well-being and make this world a healthier place to live in. Thank you! Visit our website at: https://theyogainstitute.org/ Download our New Meditation App – Nispand: Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nispand.com App Store: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/nispand-meditation-and-sleep/id1609608907 Sign up for our : 21-Days BLC – Morning On Campus https://theyogainstitute.org/21-days-better-living-course Register for our : 200 hrs TTC – 3 Months Weekend TTC Online https://theyogainstitute.org/weekend-teacher-training-course Watch our video on “Why Do we Lose Focus? How Can You Make Focus Your Attitude? | How to Achieve 100% Focus | Mind Tips” by clicking the link below:

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17 thoughts on “10 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp And Protect Your Mental Health | 10 Habits That Damage Your Brain”

  1. Doing this for your mental health…

    1. Working when sick
    2. Eating too much sugar
    3. Skipping meals
    4. Too much entertainment
    5. Lack of peaceful sleep
    6. Complaining
    7. Inactivity/not enough exercises
    8. Spending a lot of time in the dark
    9. Not providing brain enough stimulation to think
    10. Holding on to anger and bad memories

  2. Ma’am, M a Civil Service aspirant n now preparing fr State PSC… But the thing is M getting sleep in day time also!… M sleeping about 4 to 5 hrs at night n waking up in morning some times it is going to more hrs too, but at times nly… Nw, M again getting sleep in day time, not able to study n that too I hv to do all my work by myself as stay in hostel also cooking so M not getting good time to study… This is disappointing me badly… And, I take some medicines also on OCD thing, the window f my room doesn’t face towards sun so I don’t get any sun ray, n also M skipping meals sometimes mainly f lunch n taking some snacks that time as it’s time consuming n putting effect on my studies… But still M sleeping more hrs… Pls gv me any solution fr this 🙏🙏… M thinking not getting sun ray, medication n skipping meals r the reasons f sleep, skipping meals make U weak n U want to sleep!…. So, ma’am, pls gv me some good solution…I generally slp aft 2, means 2.10 or 2.15 or 2.30 sometimes 2.40, it’s like I hv been habituated with this from a long time n also doing nw fr studies as at night I study n concentrate easily… So… Ma’am, pls gv me any solution to make me able to get rid f this more sleep issue… Ty Ma’am 🙏🙏…

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