10 Web Design Tricks using Midjourney

10 Amazing Ways to use MidJourney for Great Web Designs. These tips will help you make way better website designs for your next site! Also Yes my Crash Course using MidJourney and AI with NoCode will be coming soon!

Want to learn more about Color Theory, Typography, User Interfaces and User experience, check out my Digital Book with +400 pages about it below: ⭐ Teach Me Design – Enhance UI – Basic (PDF) ⭐ https://enhanceui.gumroad.com/l/basic Teach Me Design – Enhance UI – Pro (PDF + Video) https://enhanceui.gumroad.com/l/pro 00:00 – Introduction 00:06 – Tip 1 – MidJourney Negative Prompting 01:13 – Tip 2 – MidJourney Multi Prompting 02:01 – Teach Me Design – Enhance UI 02:30 – Tip 3 – MidJourney Weights 04:14 – Tip 4 – MidJourney Product Showcase 05:10 – Tip 5 – MidJourney Zoom out 06:09 – Tip 6 – MidJourney Custom Zoom Remix 06:38 – Tip 7 – MidJourney Prompt Engineering 08:20 – Tip 8 – MidJourney Aspect Ratio 09:33 – Tip 9 – Website First MidJourney Design Second using Editor X 11:19 – Tip 10 – MidJourney Community Inspiration 12:24 – Bonus – Using Different MidJourney Versions This video includes MidJourney version 5.2 features. The latest mid journey v 5.2 comes with features that previous mid journey ver 5.2 didn’t have! #midjourney #website #design Check out my courses! 📘 Teach Me Design: https://www.enhanceui.com/ 📚 OpenAI GPT: https://enhanceui.gumroad.com/ Join my Community! 🟣 Discord: https://uxenhance.editorx.io/join Software & Discounts! 🖥️ Screen Recorder: https://screenstudio.lemonsqueezy.com?aff=po745 ⛌ Wix Studio: https://www.editorx.com/adrian-twarog

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    1. Yes, I plan to ideally put it up on the Amazon store and create a printed version. I’ve already got some advice recently saying I should cut it up into three smaller books, one for Design, one for UI Components and one for UX. For now I want to do a light push to those who know me in case I’ve made any mistakes and fix those before going big!

  1. A quick question. I’m curious whether you see a way that I could use Midjourney to produce page layout designs for a hard copy ‘coffee table’ book. I would like to have, say, 20 different layout templates with consistent colours and design style. Any suggestions would be a great help. Thx.

  2. TIP: If you use the word “Website Layout” instead of “web design” you don’t need negative prompts or further descriptions since it’s a more accurate description of what you want and never gave me anything in my testing but the actual flat page design. It also never showed a computer surrounding it! The reason “web design” doesn’t work well is because when we show website designs on our portfolios we often describe it as “web design” but we almost always drop it into a mockup in a laptop or something. On the other hand when a “Website Layout” is mentioned it’s nearly always the final flat artwork.

    E.g. try prompting this instead “website layout for an automotive services and repair company –ar 1:2”

    Still a good video and very similar results to the research I had been doing! Definitely going to be using weights again as I thought they removed them for some of the previous version which was pretty sad as they are super useful. You should also look into messing with the style setting for more or less creative* results form the AI “–s 100” through “–s 1000” will give way different results with 1000 being the most creative* and 100 being closer to what you asked for with less interpretation

  3. What’s the point? You need to showcase your REAL PRODUCTS on your website (including your homepage). You can’t throw CGI shoes, cars, hotels, and clothes on there. So until you can AI-generate a website around your actual product images, it’s kind of useless – unless you’re designing a futuristic / sci-fi site.

    1. I agree it looks nice but only usecase is in some explorative way to give the customer a few more ideas. But in 99% the current midjourney just can’t handle anything useful. And if you go away from the frontpage hero image to an inner page you will not find a prompt that helps you.

      It’s all hype and a tiny niche. But it makes people crazy and pushes stop options.

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