1,000 oz Silver Bullion Bar Giveaway by SD Bullion

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=tzfEQ_GRs1c

Learn more about our COMEX good delivery 1,000 oz Silver Bullion Bar giveaway – https://SDBullion.com/1000-oz-comex-silver-bar-sweepstakes Good luck to everyone who enters the drawing!

27 thoughts on “1,000 oz Silver Bullion Bar Giveaway by SD Bullion”

  1. Funny, I remember when 2% inflation was the ceiling, now it’s the floor. I know I’m not as well educated as Chairman Powell, so I’m just a bit confused as to how a year over year consumer price increase of at least 2% is “stable”.
    I know I’ll never get the chance to ask Chairman Powell any of the countless questions I have for him. If I did, the first thing I’d ask him would be a simple request. I’d ask him if he could be so kind as to stop pissing on my boots and expecting me to believe it’s raining.

  2. Dear mr.James! You need to guide WSS as a group on How to maximize effectiveness on Ending Comex manipulation if you know or know someone that has the insides of this. It it possible for you a a coinshop to buy comex bars and split it and then sell it with a WSS stamp, discount if you are a member for example? We all have the same goal. You can guide us. The premiums Will scare some first time buyers to wait for premiums to drop. Perhaps that could he changed with comex bars that are spliced? Kind regards.

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