3 most frequently asked accounting interview questions

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22 thoughts on “3 most frequently asked accounting interview questions”

    1. I see that companies do spend their cash in marketing or expansion as they collect. But at the end of the day, they still don’t have current assets to pay their current liabilities. How would you answer this if it was a follow-up question in the interview? Thanks!

  1. Hi sir , Iam an accountant . I would like to go for a senior accountant job. I have been working as a payable accountant(Accounts payable) for 4 years . Iam ready to learn to get senior accountant job because i dont want to stick in my current job. Could you please advise me from where i will start my learning. Just explain me what are the job descriptions of a senior accountant in different companies

  2. Related to the last question… if inventory goes up by $10 then doesn’t it have an impact on gross profit? As we are purchasing inventory for reselling purpose thus increased stock price will have an impact on Cost of goods sold, Which will further have an impact on Gross profit and net profit.
    Gross profit = Revenue – Cost of goods sold

  3. AP VS AR is one indicator, which shows efficiency in collection.. Also firm should have liquidity to meet its CL. By definition CL mean to settle in near future.. Can I say, WC showing negative also means there is risk involved, should be analyzed further, whether liquid CA meets its near CL

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