3 secret steps to Art Direction: designing websites that stand out

Are you wondering how to keep your websites fresh and timeless, so that they stand out from the crowd? In this video, I’ll walk you through my secret three-step process to good Art Direction, which can help you stand out among your clients and other designers in the industry. You’ll learn where to find inspiration for Web Design in unique ways, and how to implement those ideas to create cool and timeless websites. This is the real art of visualizing your clients’ business and telling their story in a way that nobody else has done before.

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34 thoughts on “3 secret steps to Art Direction: designing websites that stand out”

  1. We should also look for the aimed user engagement and the interactions. UX to simplify, do you have the data of interacting users with your sites? Because web design also aims for people to touch the buttons we have placed, staying in the site longer and short loading time optimizations. As a visual creative myself too I can say this is only the art side. What about the real experience of users and the feedback?

    1. @Chris Crypto Coffee In our agency we also capturing the in site movements for real life numbers and the data about if the buttons really been clicked, users scrolled below or how long they stayed in the page or even wandered in the site more. Just for the QA work on the web sites we made.

  2. Amazing video! Thank you for sharing your proccess with us, liked and subscribed already! I would only add to always balance aesthetics with UX. Don’t make people think and search for important elements. Other than that, very valuable advice. Will definitely add this to my own process

    1. Thanks Chris! I think those tips are important too, agreed. When you say “balance visuals and UX”, to me it sounds like you think that those two things are separate. To me, everything I share in this or any of my design videos are UX tips too. I think we confine UX to site metrics, user research and those types of things, and we often forget that visuals, animations, interactions and storytelling (Art Direction) greatly influence how users experience our designs.

  3. hmm….you mentioned putting 100 or so pinned sites in your pinterest but you never mentioned WHY so many. That seems like an excessive amount. Is there something about doing that that affects the algorithms or is there some benefit to having so many? Why not 10, 20, or even 50. What’s so magic about 100? Seems quite excessive to me.

    1. Good question! I didn’t say 100 sites though haha you might want to rewatch the video. The reason for 100+ is because if you only have 10 references, you’re going to end up copying too much from too few references. You want to create a good salad with ingredients from very different and unrelated refs. And also because in 10 refs is more difficult to spot patterns. By the 100th ref you will already know what are the visual patterns in your research.

  4. 1:17 Create the graphic universe – create a Pinterest board and add over 100 iterations of what you intend to create to the board. Broaden your search to things people are not searching.
    9:32 Define the overall look and feel. Make quick sketches of the web project. Make sure each has a unique edge that makes it attractive.
    12:08 Add visual metaphors. Go through your Pinterest board, notice small details, maybe objects or colours that are common across multiple pins and specific to the industry. Add this little things into your project in creative ways.

    Hope this helps someone.

    1. Hey, thanks for your interest in working with me. I work full time at my business so I’m not taking on freelance projects. But if you want I can share your project with the BONT Club members and see if any of them is available. If you’re interested, send me an email to info(at)bont.academy.

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