4 Furniture Ideas to Maximize Your Living Room Layout|Julie Khuu


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The ideal furnishings format can make or damage an area, however no 2 living areas coincide. This video clip will certainly supply motivation for your furnishings format from couch plans to coffee tables, from club chairs to accent items and also assist you establish the utmost room strategy to optimize your living-room. But prior to we start any type of sort of style, the very first point you require to ask on your own is this: How do you live? Whatever your requirements, I’m below to assist you identify your suitable plan of seats and also surface areas to take the uncertainty out of custom-made residence style! Check out Julie Khuu Interior Design’s property profile:http://www.juliekhuu.com/residential-portfolio/ _____________________________________________. LET’S CONNECT! SUBSCRIBE:https://www.youtube.com/juliekhuu INSTAGRAM:https://www.instagram.com/Julie_Khuu TWITTER:https://www.twitter.com/Julie_Khuu FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/HauteKhuuture WEB SITE:http://www.JulieKhuu.com BLOG SITE:http://www.HauteKhuutureBlog.com ORGANIZATION QUERIES: [email protected]. Edited by: Kelly Nguyen forJulie Khuu Interior Design _____________________________________________. SONGS BY. Clueless Kit – Rooftop:https://thmatc.co/?l=F669A3AD _____________________________________________. #livingroomideas #spaceplanning #livingroomdesign

33 thoughts on “4 Furniture Ideas to Maximize Your Living Room Layout|Julie Khuu”

  1. I love your videos !
    I would LOVE if you could help me out with my large living room area my husband and I got our first house a year ago and I cannot figure out the right layout to our living room we have a 27×17 space and no matter how I place my new couches I donโ€™t seem to love it ๐Ÿ˜’ when you come in through the door you walk straight into the living room we donโ€™t have a foyer .

  2. I’m not an Interior Designer (it just my dream job is your job but unfornately I ended up doing house chores like many maids doing even if the occupation is really outdated & then the second job is to check the business workers but not the business owner of the family business actually two jobs are harder to do than just one even if both of them are easy to do because of multi tasking) just a bit knowledge like what you said that’s what I did is to figure it out carefully no rugs and fire heater in most houses in the Philippines the fact that it is a tropical country (only fire heaters are not included) not like the USA that all states has it whether it’s and old (chimneys) and modern houses to solve the problem because the other chair is in the front of the router it interrupted/can’t see when my parents, I or the visitors like my other relatives want to watch especially the tv remote control can’t turn on the light signal at the top plus there are no big or small beautiful rugs because it’s hard to clean the floor if I put on it instead I used a cover for table like cofee table at the front of the altar so that it wouldn’t easily dirt, if I put on it, it didn’t fit based on the house architectural style and this old house is not that small

  3. Watching this video really didnโ€™t address my dilemma re seating. I have two armchairs and one loveseat. Itโ€™s an L-shaped living room/dining room set up. The loveseat is against the wall, while one of the two armchairs is anchoring down the furthest corner of the area rug. Hereโ€™s the problem: what do I do about a reading lamp for that chair (I read a lot of books!). Itโ€™s not near an outlet in which to plug a lamp, because it might as well be in the center of the room. Right now I have one floor lamp that I move from one armchair near my workdesk (it works for both chair and desk) to the other armchair in the middle of the room (long cord!). But it looks weird and is a tripping hazard. Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  4. i have awkward living room. It’s not very big but there’s a huge Bay window that goes all the way down to the floor. I’m honestly not a fan of the Bay window as it takes away from the space in my opinion because it lets in cold air during the Winter months it tends to be drafty around the window. I’ve really been hoping to get a sectional in there and take my 2 long coaches out and my chair but I’m worried about having a draft… Please let me know if you have any suggestions would be appreciated thanks

  5. Hi Julie. I am from India. Itโ€™s just been few days that I started seeing the videos of your channel. Amazing inputs on interior design and it has inspired me more to make small changes in my apartment. For example maximising layout of my living room by just rearranging the furniture. Thanks and awesome videos๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  6. I have a really awkward house to design around. It’s like an open floor plan, but it has a fireplace in the middle of the floorplan, doors in awkward spots, and windows along the front of the house that come to a point and I can’t cover. If you’re serious about helping, please reach out to me and I’ll send you some pics or video. I’ve lived here over a year now and nothing is set yet. Wall outlets are sparse and in weird spots and it’s been hard overall.

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