4 Tips for Buying Gold and Silver

Four tips for buying gold and silver. Smarter tips than the ones you’ll find directing you to roll your IRA into gold with a broker trying to sell you things you don’t need. This video gives a few tips on how to invest in gold and silver the right way. ✅ SUBSCRIBE: http://youtube.com/c/2is1gold?sub_confirmation=1 🔥 JOIN: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOqoxEetp1w7AUVPI9zuWqw/join ‣ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2is1gold/ ‣ Discord: https://discord.gg/yBP33yh7WG 🚫 DOOR MARKED PRIVATE: https://youtube.com/channel/UCctKmix39l6YuSXtNIC-C3g?sub_confirmation=1 🔥 SDBullion Promo: https://sdbullion.com/new HELPFUL VIDEOS ▸ Gold Coins 101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EKhHdTRWus ▸ Storage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw29iLS-ltc ▸ Capsules: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7lSvVq3FFc&t=148s PRODUCT LINKS: ▸ Pelican Micro Case https://amzn.to/3r6HtUd ▸ 32mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1 oz American Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, etc.) https://amzn.to/38TpVE9 (10 capsules) https://amzn.to/3F1FYgX (20 capsules + tube) ▸ 30mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1 oz Canadian Maple Leafs) https://amzn.to/3pYmLoO ▸ 27mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/2 oz American Gold Eagles, etc.) https://amzn.to/3nVpfCq ▸ 22mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/4 oz American Gold Eagles, etc.) https://amzn.to/2LHteFN (20 capsules) https://amzn.to/3UI0D0s (20 capsules + tube) ▸ 16mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/10 oz American Gold Eagles, etc.) https://amzn.to/3roUzLy ▸ Theory11 Playing Cards https://amzn.to/3ec9B4L ▸ Field Notes Notebooks https://amzn.to/3fuWoq2 I buy gold and other assets over time, and then buy more as price and interest allow. If you want to know more about buying gold coins, that is my primary focus here. Cheers! GET IN TOUCH [email protected] Disclaimers: I am not a financial advisor, a CPA or an attorney qualified to give financial advice. Nothing I say is meant as professional or financial advice. I’m just a guy on the internet, talking about precious metals. This is for entertainment only. If you’re looking for financial, tax, legal or other advice, please seek out a professional. I will NEVER ask you to send me money to trade or invest for you. Please report any suspicious emails or fake social media profiles claiming to be me. Some links in the description may be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Any potential compensation I earn will not negatively affect your purchase. In some cases, I may receive payment or other consideration from the companies mentioned in the videos or descriptions. No matter what I or anyone else says, it’s important to do your own research before making a financial decision. Thank you!

27 thoughts on “4 Tips for Buying Gold and Silver”

  1. Me and my LCS owner was having a conversation today and he thinks they will make metals illegal again because he thinks it will go digital and they don’t want people bartering with it,so hopefully we aren’t buying a bunch of metal that we won’t be able to do anything with without a huge tax…. hopefully it’s not all just a waste of time and money. 🥃

  2. Timing can be important. I watch Perth Mint every day (as an Aussie!). They sometimes release piedforte 2oz silver coins for less or same as spot price of silver. I’ve bought the last 3 years running and snagged a bargain as they are collectable without the premium to match. Patience is the key and persistence. And … have a goal!

  3. Those are all great suggestions but I have to apologize for a little fear porn upfront 2 is 1. If you pull out a “one” dollar bill and look to the left of Washington’s head you will see written ” This note is legal tender for all debts public and private” The key word here is NOTE ! A note is a PROMISE to pay. Meaning these notes are a promise to pay a dollar and are not dollars.

    In the past it read “redeemable for lawful money”. If it’s redeemable in lawful money how can it be lawful money ? This is a controlled demotion of our currency. Congress is ordered to print the money but turned it over to this private institution the Federal Reserve. At some point in the future our currency will bust and go bankrupt. The FED will be held harmless because it said all along (right in front of us) it was a promise.

    If you want a deep deep dive into this subject, there is a book written buy G. Edward Griffin called ” The Creature from Jekyll Island”. I saw his speech when the book was released in 1994 he is the foremost authority on the history of the Fed… 1000 + pages. 
    Take a week and read it ! You’ll buy more gold and silver if you do ! 🙂 Good Job 2 is 1 !

  4. thanks for the tips. Even though I’ve been stacking for more than a year, beginner videos like these remind me to stay within the basic guidelines and not stray off course and buy stupid things. Also, thanks for the heads up on the up-coming Lunar Dragon coins. Would love to get one! 👍

  5. Thanks! Your video calms me down everyday I watch it when the market is pumping or falling, The future of gold looks promising with predictions suggesting a potential rise to $3,000 by 2024. Despite the recent downtrend in the gold market, the impact of various factors such as inflation and interest rates is expected to drive a significant upward trajectory. The Federal Reserve’s movements and the ongoing inflation scenario further bolster this outlook. These insights offer a comprehensive perspective for investors considering gold as a significant part of their financial portfolio, highlighting the metal’s resilience and anticipated growth in the coming years.I’ve personally benefited from following Linda Wilburn trading tactics, amassing 23 bitcoins in a short seven weeks period of day trading , which speaks volumes about her expertise.

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