5 HIGH-INTENISTY LED Grow Lights to CRUSH a 4×4!

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Video by Erik from www.LEDGrowLightsDepot.com

24 thoughts on “5 HIGH-INTENISTY LED Grow Lights to CRUSH a 4×4!”

    1. It is amazing the things that people say without having the common sense to be embarrassed by it. What a stupid comment. Everything in the industry is saying exactly the opposite of what you just said. No matter whether you’re talkin about home growing or commercial growing. Commercial outlets are dumping HPS as quickly as they can. It’s not rocket surgery unless you’re a moron.

  1. Video should be called:::
    “world’s most expensive, totally unnecessary, you’re only paying for the name, EXTREMELY overpriced LED lights you can buy. If you do buy these, hahaha they got you!!! You’re a sucker!!!! You should be embarrassed you got ripped off hahahaha you took the bait “

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