6 Tips for ‘Matching but Different’ Wedding Rings

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=qbVHPgrK4AM

Can wedding rings match and STILL be individual?! Grahame, Wedding Specialist in Burrells in Tunbridge Wells, discusses his top 6 tips for buying wedding rings that stand apart, and yet pair together perfectly. Tradition dictates that a couple’s wedding rings must match, but many people like to ‘bend’ the rules of tradition! You can add flare to wedding rings, like polishes, shaping, diamonds, and Grahame covers them all. Watch this video to learn… + how to buy wedding rings + adding diamonds to wedding rings + where to buy wedding rings + wedding rings polishing + and more! WANT TO BUY ‘matching but different’ wedding rings? Speak to us here ▶ https://brls.uk/2FzwDmc Bespoke jewellery EXPLAINED ▶ https://brls.uk/2VaQM9z White gold vs Platinum ▶ https://brls.uk/2XXIUoO SUBSCRIBE to Burrells for weekly videos ▶ http://bit.ly/2Dkl1Br HAVE A QUESTION? Comment below! – – – ID162 *All prices are accurate at time of release. cust=BE

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