9 Money Leaks Affecting Your Finances And How To Fix Them|Clever Girl Finance

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If you’re attempting to conserve, cash leakages can be like a tiny leakage in a jug that makes it difficult to fill up. By checking out daily expenditures, you can recognize any type of feasible cash leakages. The objective is to locate a method to place those bucks to help you rather. Are you familiar with any type of cash leakages in your financial resources? Do you have techniques for lessening any one of these cash leakages you might have? Share them in the remarks listed below. In today’s video clip, we are mosting likely to talk about 9 feasible cash leakages that might be influencing your financial resources and also exactly how to repair them. #financialeducation #funmoney #guiltfreemoney VARIOUS OTHER VIDEO CLIPS TO CHECK OUT Spending Guilt? Overspending? Tips To Manage A Money Spending Problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ9UFHgrEeI Feel Like You’re Always Broke? Here’s What to Do To Stop Being Broke:.

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24 thoughts on “9 Money Leaks Affecting Your Finances And How To Fix Them|Clever Girl Finance”

  1. Hello Bola thank you for the insightful information 🙌, I am asking if you can make a video on how you take care of your hair and maintain your style, I love how you do it, I want to find a hairstyle that I can stick to so that I can save and don’t wast my money for hair plaiting,any advice please i will appreciate.

  2. For several years, I took a taxi to work nearly every day, even though I’d paid for my public transport city card – just because I couldn’t get myself together in the mornings and being late wasn’t an option. I don’t even want to think about how much money I wasted this way. That was my biggest money leak.

  3. I love this channel. Thank you Bola.
    I never paid for cable … Ever, and I just unsubscribe from the last streaming service. bye bye Netflix! I always had antenna and for me it was enough.
    I don’t use paper towels … microfiber clothes and a good dish soap are your best friends.
    I never buy water bottles… ever! Thank you Marshals for the cute glass water bottles.
    When I travel, I use travel credit cards that don’t charge international transaction fees! This was my biggest money leak in the past! The points are not too bad either.
    I never buy coffee. I invested on a Breville coffee machine 10’years ago when they still had a no questions asked return policy for life 😅
    My son will be going to college this fall so I will be getting read of the car soon. The insurance is killing me.

    Every penny I saved went into student loans, credit cards debt and additional payments toward the mortgage principal. Thank you Bola for the wonderful tips over the years.

  4. Yesterday, I identified a money leak. It was a subscription I canceled in September but was still being charged. I explained the situation in an email to customer service and was refunded 3 months of charges. This was settled in less than ten minutes.

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