A Day in My Life Working at an Accounting Firm as a non-CPA: what i ACTUALLY do, pros of corporate

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39 thoughts on “A Day in My Life Working at an Accounting Firm as a non-CPA: what i ACTUALLY do, pros of corporate”

  1. Ok so i graduated in 2019 w a finance degree too! I always planned to do something similar to your current job but im freelancing now. I enjoy the flexibility of it but i think my favorite thing is that Iโ€™ve been able to meet sooo many people from all different backgrounds between my different freelance projects

  2. I work at a large manufacturer of beauty and health products (after years in consulting) and as a new mom, having stable 9-5 hours with flexibility to take my daughter to doctor appointments, etc is invaluable! Also PTO, 401k match, and they were super respectful of my transition in and out of maternity leave. Like you said the balance and work life separation is really great for my mental health!

  3. I work at a small to mid sized Law firm in Toronto as a Law Clerk. I’ve worked at another mid size firm in Toronto and a smaller family owned firm in a suburb outside Toronto as well. The biggest pro I’ve found of Toronto mid sized to large firms is the amount of PTO and Health Benefits included in employment. As a young person with type 2 diabetes and hypertension, the health benefits are immensely important to me. I agree that the stability is also a super important pro of corporate!

  4. Hi Jenna, I work as a system engineer in a hospital and I love my job, because a) it’s super easy for me to get a job and b) I can work in so many different companies – IT is everywhere needed. So I have great insight in many different fields – love that! Greetings from the country of Toblerone ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ

  5. Just stumbled on this page. Iโ€™m so glad to FINALLY come across someone from the DMV area in accounting. I just graduated with an accounting degree, wasnโ€™t looking to close the gap but I interned at a corporate firm and here I am registering for a Masters. Advisory is definitely something Iโ€™d like to explore.

  6. 10 years will go by and she’ll wonder why she’s still single since she made her career her only focus. girl bosses do not succeed in relationships. you will be 55 single and alone and nothing to show for it. men dont care about your wealth or career

    1. ? What kind of a generalization is this? Iโ€™ve been in a relationship, so not alone, for 9 years and my determination to have a successful career has never held my relationship back just like it wouldnโ€™t a manโ€™s as long as you both respect support and love each other

  7. i’m an accounts receivable analyst at a large nonprofit org full time while also in graduate school full time for my MBA-F. it is so so so rewarding to be able to believe in your company while also enjoying the benefits of your time commitment like PTO, healthcare, vision, dental, etc. work-life balance is wonderful like you said. I’m able to time block really easily and am blessed enough to have a team to delegate to when i feel overwhelmed!

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