A Rapid Fire look at some stunning silver coins! IFF #161

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=oghGL6jyeLw

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36 thoughts on “A Rapid Fire look at some stunning silver coins! IFF #161”

  1. Great video as always, thanks. My favourite is Chronos. And something about Chronos serie mintage – first four releases 2015 – 2019 were just “medals” with mintage Brilliant Uncirculated (proof like) 10000 and Bullion 20000. Fifth in serie Chronos 2019 is first time denomitated coin and has increased mintage Brilliant Uncirculate 15000 Bullion 30000.

  2. I might be biased, being from South Africa but damn, that elephant does it for me. The chronos coin is also really nice, and I like the Russian Federation coin because it’s unusual. I haven’t seen it before at least. Think I might get a couple elephants though 🙂

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