AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO8 Review | Samsung EVO Diodes!

Full review and summary of the AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO8 LED Grow Light Code: ‘5shine’ for 5% off ✅ IONFRAME EVO8: ✅ IONFRAME 5×5 Complete Grow Kit: ✅ Shop all AC infinity lights: 🕒 Timestamps 0:00 – Intro 0:39 – Accessories / Build 2:02 – Diodes / Spectrum 3:57 – Specs 6:45 – PAR 10:53 – Summary 📣 Subscribe for more videos like this. **FREE LED Grow Light Buyer’s Guide Checklist:** ✍️ Sign-up for our FREE Affiliate Program (make money by promoting our products): https://ledgrowlightsdepot.idevaffili… 📱Follow us on: Instagram: Facebook: TikTik: 📦 We offer bulk/commercial discounts! Inquire: Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 (888) 611-9305 📧 Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

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20 thoughts on “AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO8 Review | Samsung EVO Diodes!”

    1. @Bobby Uterus healthy plants have natural pest deterrents… healthy plants like natural uv. Plus the natural pesticides like lady bugs and other carnivores I saw make a visit helped create a healthy eco system. Then give them neem oil. Dirty and unattractive growers have pest problems my guy… you do know plants are meant to grow outside right and pest are going to come and go… and yes if you grow week plants pest will target them… but definitely not a problem I have, maybe you would tho lol

    2. @Derek Marks I hope to be on your level one day great one. It’s crazy how much pesticide commercial farmers fly in on healthy crops, maybe you should fill them so they quit wasting their money. So if there was a swarm of locusts, they wouldn’t touch your plants? If you’re a grower, and you say you’ve never struggled with pests, I have a hard time believing you are as experienced of a grower as you say you are. Would you like to compare grow journals? I want to see what your (healthy) plants look like compared to mine. I looked on your channel but all I seen was a bunch of video game stuff. Also, why are you using neem oil at all if your not worried about pests?

  1. Uhm, because more than ~4-5% FR causes stem elongation. You don’t want that. There is enough in the white diodes. I see you just parrot the marketing bunk that Samsung claims about the Evo series. And buddy, UVA diodes do buggerall. Such disinformation.

  2. have the evo 3 in a 2.5×4 tent. first time growing again in about 6 years, having used the blurple lights previously. after noticing the plants struggling i didnt realize how much overkill i had the evo set to. ended up having to dial it down to 50% at 18in for veg to hit that 550 PPFD spot with a pretty even spread. LED lights have come a long way in a short time. have to say my favorite change is having that smart controller on the exhaust & the AC infinity humidifier. have been able to maintain temp and humidity within +/-1 of the target.

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