Accounting and Bookkeeping With Amazon FBA UK, Xero, And LinkMyBooks .com/watch?v=boAoITwlL6k

In this video, I explain about the importance of keeping records of all of your expenses for Amazon FBA, which I have made easier by including a free Amazon FBA UK expense tracker. I then discuss two pieces of software that I love – Xero and LinkMyBooks, both of which completely automate book keeping and will reduce your accounting costs massively! To find out more about Xero, go to To learn more about LinkMyBooks, and to grab your 30% discount, go to βœ… Download the FREE Expenses Tracker here – ⭐The Ultimate Amazon FBA Course Package + My Unlimited Support – βœ‰οΈ To get in contact with me, you can email [email protected] πŸ† Subscribe for all things Amazon FBA – πŸ’ͺ🏼 FBA Smashers Support Group – β˜… β˜† β˜…RECOMMENDED TOOLS FOR AMAZON FBAβ˜… β˜† β˜… βœ… HELIUM 10 – Product & Keyword Research + More – Use Code JANSON50 For 50% Off Your First Month Or JANSON10 For 10% Off Every Month – βœ… FEEDBACK WHIZZ – Customer Auto Emailer – Use Code JANSON50 For Your First Month Free & 50% Off Your Second Month – βœ… AMZ SCOUT PRO – Product Research Tool & Tracker – $20 OFF Link (1 Year Package Recommended) – βœ… JUNGLE SCOUT – $20 OFF Product Research Tool – βœ… FIVERR – Get Packaging, Logos, and Much More Designed From $5 – βœ… LinkMyBooks Accounting Software Plugin With 30% Discount – βœ… Xero Accounting Software – Outro Designed by Grabster: Music – #amazonfba #amazonfbauk #fbasmashers

35 thoughts on “Accounting and Bookkeeping With Amazon FBA UK, Xero, And LinkMyBooks”

    1. As a LTD do we have to show an inventory of each item sold? So include price paid, price sold, amazon fee paid etc for each item? Or can I have gross pay from amazon after fees, then an expenses sheet separate (not including amazon fees) – so profit can be amazon payment minus expenses?

  1. @Jason How do you manage your inventory ? Linkmybooks can not handle the inventory . and they can not integrate with Xero’s Tracked inventory . So even you use Linkmybooks to pull the data to xero (value wise ) , you still need to find a way to track your inventory using a 3rd software . ?

  2. Hi Janson
    Just catching up on your content
    Wish I saw this a year ago
    I have been using A2X for the last six months and as you know it’s very expensive
    I want to switch to link my books but not sure how the two will overlap in Quickbooks and effect my VAT calculations
    Any feedback would be great πŸ‘

  3. Hello! I’m a commerce graduate and I have done some accounting in college. I’m pretty organized with receipts and expenses but I’m having 2nd doubts with my current accountant (expensive, little help and they told me to register a LTD company right away) though I’m only earning less than 500 pounds in less than three months because I just started Amazon FBA . They told me to use their links for linkmybooks and xero but I think I can do this on my own now that I’m registered as a LTD company. Do you think this is a wise move to just study and DIY and just hire an accountant in the future if I’m earning a bit more?

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