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In this basic accounting lesson, we explain what the accounting equation is, why the accounting equation is done, and we go through examples of how the accounting equation is done. Check it out, we explain the three parts of the accounting equation, namely assets, equity, and liabilities. Accounting Equation Introduction Explained | Accounting For Beginners Lesson 1: Accounting Equation | with Debits and Credits | Explained with Examples Lesson 2: How to easily Remember DEBITS and CREDITS | Simple Tip | Accounting Basics: Debit and Credit Explained | Accounting Basics: General Journal Explained With Examples | Accounting Basics: Depreciation & Accumulated Depreciation Explained: Check out other straight-forward examples on our channel. We also offer one-on-one tutorials at reasonable rates. Connect with us: Email: [email protected] Our Website: Our Facebook Page: Support our Efforts:

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