Adjusting My Expectations on Hard Health Days


[Vlog 1.17.23] – When that migraine headache comes, I need to change my assumptions … Visit our Online Store → Watch Yesterday’s Vlog → Welcome to The Frey Life everyday vlogs! We are Peter & Mary, a couple in our very early 30’s, revealing the ups as well as downs of day-to-day life with #CysticFibrosis, a hereditary lung condition that Mary was birthed with. In August 2019, Mary began a brand-new CF medicine that altered the trajectory of our future, as well as life has actually altered significantly – including our boy, Elijah, joining our family members in December 2021. We likewise have a charming typical poodle, Oliver, as well as a hairless sphynx feline,Harry It’s our hope that these video clips can be an inspiration to to commemorate the little points in life as well as discover happiness in the middle of a globe packed with tough truths! Check out our regular podcast on Peter’s Channel concerning belief as well as living with hope in Jesus in the middle of a busted globe! → Want a customized video clip message from Mary & Peter?!? You can ask for a Cameo below! → Our vlogging electronic camera (associate web link) ↓ ↓ ↓. Canon G7X Mark ii → Other associate offers for points we enjoy! ↓ ↓ ↓. Ibotta ($ 10 signup perk) → Rakuten ($ 20 signup perk) → Shop our Amazon Favorites → ↓ ↓ ↓ Follow us on social media sites! ↓ ↓ ↓. Mary’s Instagram → Peter’s Instagram → Our Store Instagram → Twitter → Google+ → Facebook →


15 thoughts on “Adjusting My Expectations on Hard Health Days”

  1. I am glad your new medication is helping your stomach issue Mary. I love hearing Elijah’s baby voice in background either laughing or “baby talking”. Absolutely precious!!!!!
    It was quite cute seeing Ollie’s tail wagging as you sang lol.. beautiful family who knows how to enjoy every single day of life even during tough times 👍👍 Sending love and thanks to the Frey Family 💙💗💙💙💙

  2. Its because the migraine meds can give you re-bound headaches. This was a roller coaster that wasn’t worth it to me. Not to mention the other side effects. Itll be interesting to me to see if upping your dose helps. Or helps for awhile, then you start getting more headaches after being on a higher dose for a while. But I pray it works for you.🥰
    I like what your saying about adjusting to bad days. In my case I had to come to the acceptance that I couldn’t do what I used to and let the Lord heal that place. That unless he heals me ill never be able to do life like I used to.
    I imagine its kinda the same for you on these hard days after having your life transformed by trikafta.
    Its so good to see Ollie enjoying retirement life. Hes such a sweet boy.

  3. Sorry your not (feeling well) I’m a mom with a son (my only son and child) Who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in the 80’s he is now in his mid 30’s. He was 16 months old. They said he wouldn’t live past seven years of life. IF you all knew… Love you Mary and Peter.. I get it.

  4. I understand your headaches. I have barometric pressure related headaches and they make me feel so loopy sometimes. I have to push through best I can too. Some days are better than others. I just love your Ollie. He’s such a sweet boy and your Elijah is so adorable. His smile is so sweet and his personality is really blooming in great big flowers of adorable. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your lives with the world.

  5. Feeling let down by my body is one of my most disappointing feelings. I give myself time to be bummed and if I let that feeling have its way for a while, sometimes with tears, and then I settle into self care and just that self love I give myself during that time cures the dissapointment

  6. There are so many viruses out right now, not Covid so much. Viruses with so many different ” health issues”….from adults to babies. Adults in certain places masks…yeah, why not keep your family safe and well, antibacterial gels and wipes. Why take chances? That’s going on here.

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