All Women Professional Paintball Team – Heroines Trailer

Official Trailer: The Heroines – The Documentary Part 1

This two-part collection will certainly take you inside The WNXL, the inaugural period of expert ladies’s paintball and also on a trip with The Heroines at the most significant occasion of the year:World Cup

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Episode 1: February 12th 5PM EST.

Episode 2: February 19th 5PM EST.

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6 thoughts on “All Women Professional Paintball Team – Heroines Trailer”

  1. Oh my gosh this is so cool! My fiancé is really into paintball and dragged me out to the field and I fell in love with it after a few trips. His dad was a professional at one point and says I’m good and got potential! I hope to be on a team with him, and my fiancé sometime. Can’t wait for spring to roll around so I can play again

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