All You Need To Know About Jewellery | How To Pick & Style Jewellery | Jewellery Trends 2023

No matter if you’re already a jewellery lover and wear it on a daily basis or still struggle to integrate it in your personal style, this video will be very helpful for you. You will learn the secrets of choosing and styling jewellery. You will know hot to pick the most flattering models for your colouring and face shape.

You will understand which models are worth to invest in, because its timeless and versatile. And finally you will see how to style jewellery so that it to elevate your looks and make outfits complete and pulled together. 💚YOUR SELF COLOUR ANALYSIS 👉 ❗️If you have any technical issues, please do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected] Product Links👇🏻: 📌All the styles from GINGIBERI with a promo code diana15 at ss commitment ring eternal love ring smiley ring flat beads ring camellia earring healer earring the one and only bracelet Time back necklace Eternal beauty necklace Star drop earring Ocho earring Hollow necklace Dear earring Ring the bell earring 0:00 Intro 0:50 How to choose metalls? 1:45 Get your free color palette 2:45 Which stones suit you best? 4:25 Choose metal finish based on your contrast 5:00 How to choose jewellery for your face shape 8:00 How to style jewellery 9:20 How to match jewellery with print 10:30 How to layer necklaces 11:40 Jewellery must-haves

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  1. i wear simple metal jewellry that goes with everything. a pair of platinum huggie earrings, a delicate silver chain around the neck, a wavy silver band ring on one hand and a slim silver bangle on the other. sometimes you see them, if your hair is up, if your sleeves are cuffed or if your top has a scoop neck, but other times they are partially hidden.

  2. As a gemologist and gemstone lover I also believe gems are choosing their people, not vice a versa. For instance, when I am buying diamonds for clients, I often pre-select stones with very similar characteristics, then I picture an image of my client in my head and observe stone reactions. Somehow I know which stone is willing to go for that person. Gems are truly fascinating Children of Earth.

  3. I like to layer necklaces but they all end up tangled. I may have to invest a 14k necklace multi strand clip to keep them from rolling into one big mess.

    I bought a pair of Jennifer Zeuner gold plated medium size hoop earrings this year. The gold over sterling is done really well, no fading. I wear them a lot because they go with many tops. medium size hoops are great to wear by themselves without necklaces.

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