This Restoration of a Mid-Century Buffet certainly came with many frustrating challenges. The previous owner painted this furniture blue, making the removal of all the finishes very difficult; but, with every challenge, I learn new things. Follow along as I share some of the mistakes I made along the way. Thanks for all the support. Barry #howto #restoration #furniturerestoration #reselling HERE ARE WAYS YOU CAN HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: PATREON: 🎁🎁🎁Amazon Wishlist: ☕☕☕Buy Me A Coffee Follow Me On Instagram! Follow Me On Facebook Send a Postcard from your City, or send a product for me to feature on my next video.

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20 thoughts on “Amazing RESTORATION of a Mid-Century SIDEBOARD | FURNITURE RESTORATION”

    1. Excellent workmanship as usual! Useful little cupboard. Did you 2ai5 all the time necessary to let the hard wax finish cure before applying the softer beeswax? Did you put it all over the piece. 8ve been thinking about electro playing myself. You go first!

  1. What an amazing transformation, Barry! This piece looks amazing, and the addition of the new/restored legs makes a great improvement on the original. Your descriptions always draw out something deeper from the woodwork, making it into a kind of life parable, which makes your videos instructive in more ways than one. Many thanks.

  2. Nice design choices. Next time try multiple coats of Rubio, though the Howard’s looks good , you’ll get more wear out of the hard wax. The Milescraft sandplane is fantastic, I’ll have to pick that one up. I’m a new subscriber and I look forward to seeing more content. I’m an artist/woodworker with more than thirty years experience and I have restored my share of antiques. I have a Hoosier cabinet, an art deco buffet, and an 1828 box baby grand piano waiting for attention. Great video, I like your videography style.

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