Amazing World Cup PSP Paintball Mix from PbNation com/watch? v= q8_JDBZ7zAA

Check out several of the slickest cheats, finest shelter steps and also coolest outbreaks from the 2012Paintball World Cup Not to point out a complete on crisis from a receptacle jam. There’s also a little 10-Man activity! Don’t fail to remember to LIKE and also SUBSCRIBE! Filmed by Arthur Dolzhansky and also modified by Nick Cucuzza of DerDer.

15 thoughts on “Amazing World Cup PSP Paintball Mix from PbNation”

  1. Never played paintball but I don’t see the point when you can play airsoft with realistic ASG’s and M4’s and Snipers/shotguns etc? Bolt action snipers can shoot 80 meters within a 1 foot radius accurately. To me it just seems messy, great video though! Great editing, and honestly the skills these guys have is pretty astounding lol. Some of those dives/slides hurt my back just watching hahaha

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