Amazon Teeth Whitening Kit! Does MySmile Really Work? | Carly Rivlin .com/watch?v=oitq-VCXDSg

I see teeth whitening kit ads all over Instagram, but do they really work? I ordered the MySmile express whitening kit on Amazon to try it for myself. You’re supposed to see results after one use…So watch to see how it turned out! Also, RIP my foundation 2019-2019…If only I realized how off you were before filming this video. Shop! MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit: Follow Me! Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: carlyriv Follow Mixed Makeup! Youtube: Instagram: Music by Clueless Kit – rain – #TeethWhitening #MySmile

19 thoughts on “Amazon Teeth Whitening Kit! Does MySmile Really Work? | Carly Rivlin”

  1. I have a device to break my teeth and the worst beautifully and it has a light the worst powerfully the first day I’m going to try it again I know what you talking about because your teeth is really white and pretty your teeth look like a set of ocean pearls you look like you have jewelry in your mouth look like your teeth has made the jewelry take care of yourself I like it I like it YouTube face with a smile 😁

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