An EPIC UNBOXING of Buried Silver Coins! .com/watch?v=6kpECZUmJa0

What condition were these 1oz American Silver Eagle coins in after being literally buried in the ground for years? Check out our EPIC unboxing and buy them here – Need to buy gold or silver in Melbourne, Australia? Come see Bullion Now for all your gold and silver bar and coin needs, now located right in the heart of the city! Need something a bit more special? Little Coin Shop has you covered with the best collection of collector’s items! And if you need to sell gold, silver or other precious metals… we pay 100% of spot price. To our knowledge, that’s the best in the business. Bullion Now & Little Coin Shop Suite 605, Level 6 227 Collins St Melbourne

35 thoughts on “An EPIC UNBOXING of Buried Silver Coins!”

    1. @Chris Purkis Who would sell a sealed monster box of silver with dirt on it back to a bullion dealer? Someone who doesn’t care about some dirt on a box and knows WE don’t care about some dirt on a box, seeing as though we open the box and sell the contents inside…. not the box itself. Your confirmation bias is blocking your ability to see multiple possibilities.

    1. @Bullion Now justinfo I picked up from someone I know who would seal valuables, like money ammo and the like in metal containers and hid them on his property he used to use cosmoline grease to prevent corrosion but resorted to wax and told me wax was the best. He did this during the year of the firearms owners protection act in the usa.

    1. Thats interesting…being somewhat exposed to the ambient tarnish.?? And underground in a non sealable box. No water inside the box….?? I bet it was a arizona or nevada. climate.. will go with that one. Im not doubting your word. Im doubting the credibility of who ever you got it from.. assuming your word is worth anything..

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