Another bank closing, are your safety deposit boxes really safe?!

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38 thoughts on “Another bank closing, are your safety deposit boxes really safe?!”

    1. I don’t work for them. I store my metals with them. After a few years of research, I tried them out and this company have been excellent. This advice is only for people who don’t have the means to hold their metals themselves. However, they will deliver to your door if needs be.
      @365 Days of Silver

    2. I think that the issue here is not how well things like vaulting services work during good times but during times of great upheaval and stress where banks and other
      financial institutions are failing left, right, and center. Think in terms of how well it would work during a Great Depression scenario or worse. Having someone else
      hold my wealth at such a time does not appeal to me AT ALL and thinking about this is the very time that I would want my metals and preps to be readily at hand.

    1. @365 Days of Silver Those who would do that are blissfully unaware of the fact that the system is as fragile as it really is, so don’t see any need to
      fix what they perceive not to be broken. They are wrong about that and it likely will cost them dearly at a time when they simply cannot afford it.

  1. I’ve got a tin foil hat theory for you.
    Silver will never reach crazy highs as industry wont allow that due to it being so vital.
    We’ve all heard rumours about rebasing and the gold / silver ratio being brought down. However and much to my disappointment, rather than silver going up, gold is coming down. OK silver is coming down too at the moment but i predict it will go up a wee bit, but not too much to hurt industry.
    S & G prices are manually manipulated so this can happen.🤔🤔🤔

    1. I like it a lot, I really enjoy reading comments that get the brain thinking and I do have to agree! It makes more sense for silver prices to be lower due to how many industries use it everyday! It’s actually a great topic for a future video so thank you!

    2. ​​@365 Days of Silveryou’re welcome and thanks for providing such great content 😊.
      The more you think of it the more obvious it is.
      As renewable and environmental industry grows more Silver is needed. There’s even a study I believe that states the more Silver is used, the more efficient a product becomes. Even Elon Musk wouldn’t be able to afford Silver at it’s true value.
      The biggest driver of keeping the price low through manipulation has to be as a result of it’s military application. If anything in the longer term will result in Government confiscation (as it becomes even more rare), it will be this.
      I’m still going to stack for now 😂

    3. If so, then this must be the one and only material where industry gets to decide its price. All other materials are sold at auction via the various stock markets around the world,
      so it is the push-pull effect in a market between buyers and sellers that finally settles on an agreed-upon price. Those who need a material immediately can always step to the
      front of the line by offering a higher price. In many electronic devices, the silver content is a very small but vital component. Doubling the price of silver for such devices would
      only had a few dollars or pounds to the price of the finished product.

  2. Stacking requires security. Storing PMs in any bank or vault will cost you to the point where I doubt if you will ever make a return on your investment. if you are stacking PMs for prepping then common sense says don’t put it in a bank or vault. Take the hint and put in proper security. A one time cost for a lifetime’s peace of mind.

  3. Storing silver in a safety deposit box is daft as soover is far too bulky to be viable . Howver unlike money in a bank which technically is owned by the bank thanks to a 200 year old law, the safety deposit box contents are owned by you meaning even if a bank is bankrupt you should still be able to retrieve it.

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