Bank Prospecting – How to find Silver Coins! .com/watch?v=v0LeIJHn2hs

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32 thoughts on “Bank Prospecting – How to find Silver Coins!”

  1. I appreciate you saying the full “not intended for circulation” I have watched videos before and I didn’t know what nifc meant. Awesome videos, just watched your video on best places to metal detect, very helpful. I recently got into metal detecting and I go down to the river mostly. I see you are in the Golden area, I live in Evans right next to Greeley. I collect coins and I usually go to banks to get boxes of pennies and nickels, have done quarters a few times but never halves and dollars. I might try it up here and see what happens.

  2. Unfortunately there’s not much silver in circulation anymore in the past decade I was able to find silver in circulation two times both by complete accident not coin roll hunting once somebody jammed a Coinstar machine with two peace dollars 1923 and 1935 and when I dumped my change in for cash I was able to fish them out lol 2 free peace dollars that made my month!! A few years after that a guy in front of me at the gas station paid for gas in 50 cent pieces and when the cashier dropped them in the drawer I heard one of them was silver I know the sound of silver vs clad pinging together so when she gave me my change I asked for the 50-cent pieces and sure enough one of them was a 64 Kennedy the cashier was happy to get rid of them because she didn’t have a place in the drawer for them since then it’s been years since I’ve found any silver in circulation

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