Be EXTREMELY Careful Buying Gold And Silver In 2023 

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    Bought my first counterfeit coin last week – a 1924 Peace Silver Dollar that was copper plated with silver. It looked perfect regarding engraving, but the scale doesn’t lie – it was 3.42 grams too light. And it didn’t sound well. It was VG+, so not out too much. Now a souvenir and a story.
    Where were you when I needed you, Sally? Haha! Great content.

    1. When I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was made up stories till i was convinced and gave her a try and honestly i don’t regret the move i made because i invested in a big way, I’m not here to converse for her but to testify just for what I’m sure of, she’s trust worthy and best option ever seen.

  2. There is absolutely no purpose for us to speculate on ‘price of PMs’ but only to stick to fundamentals ~ gold/silver are money, real wealth. Speculations and speculators are those that have brought our world and civilization to yet another collapse! Enough of that! Its time to return to Nature/Natural Way! To restore the balanse, sanity and harmony in our Earthly existence!
    Otherwise we will destroy ourselves with greed, useless competition, envy, physical and mental promiscuity… Its imposible to play with fundamentals and expect not to mess up the natural order and get hit back by nature as Creator’s expression. Nature will take its course and wipe us all out if we continue down this unnatural & destructive path… Since in the eyes of higher forces ruling this physical domain there is absolutely no illusion of distinction between life in material form or outside it, wiping out billions of people in order to restore the natural order/balans is like in our eyes to crush bunch of cockroaches or flies… Take heed and start repairing your thoughts, emotions and behavior before its too late

  3. An on line at Money metals will sell me a oz Liberty for 160 dollar premium , My local pawn shop wanted 250 dollar an oz Premium my local gild and silver dealer 100 over spot per oz on am Oz coin and only 40 dollars over spot on an oz bar … I’m getting two Oz liberties and from then on just get oz bars . Get 1/4 oz coins are good to get for all around Premium and availability

  4. Bonjour de France. You don’t need the “pig thing”, it’s just another plastic useless object. Put the coin on the top of a finger and “ping” it. A little magnet will complete the test, gold and silver being non magnetic metals. Au plaisir.

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