Before You Buy a SINGLE OUNCE of Silver – Silver Stacking Tips 2023

In this video I share some silver stacking tips for 2023 and talk about the best ways to buy silver. I show off some silver that I recently purchased and I also talk about the best types of silver to be buying for silver stacking or for silver investing. When it comes to buying physical silver it is important to make sure that you are buying real silver coins, silver bars, or silver rounds so I recommend buying from a reputable dealer. I also recommend buying locally before buying online so you can establish a relationship with your local coins shop owner. Ultimately you should buy silver from whoever is selling silver for the lowest price so you can stack more silver. These silver stacking tips 2023 include what types of silver you should be stacking as well. The 3 pillars for silver stacking in America are silver coins, generic silver, and constitutional silver or junk silver. If you want to know my top picks for silver coins in 2023 click the video below: Top 5 Silver Bullion Coins in 2023:

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20 thoughts on “Before You Buy a SINGLE OUNCE of Silver – Silver Stacking Tips 2023”

  1. I started way too late, taking advice and shifting fiat money into precious metals😠 so now I’m trying to play catch-up. I am 56 years old and I have been stacking for a little over 2 1/2 months and I took the advice of some contact creators on YouTube and elsewhere and I started with 30 ounces was my goal, then 50, then 100, then 150, then, 200 and beyond! I try to spend half of my paycheck in precious metals. They don’t make anymore so the supply is going to run out sooner or later. At the rate that we are burning through Silver supply, because silver is used in every walk of life and you’re still in the way. Silver will rise very soon because the demand is growing. I look back at all the stupidity that I’ve done in my life and the money that I have wasted but if I had it all back, I would be well over a millionaire, such a waste🤯🤯🤯🇺🇸🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. I buy and sell coins on eBay for 15 years. You are way out of line in slandering eBay as a place NOT to buy coins. Buyers need to know they have buyer protection when they get taken on eBay. I think you are ignorant in your comments about eBay.

  3. Buying silver is like gambling and NOT an investment. It is not even a good way to preserve wealth since it may not even keep up with inflation. Silver can be a great tool to your portfolio like passing wealth to children, etc. it is also a great hobby. BEFORE you buy, know the pros and cons. I own some silver but not as an investment or wealth preservation because it is not except for some lucky few.

  4. Silver is not money. It is a valuable good. Meaning it has real world uses. Money doesn’t have a use outside of trading for goods and services. Same with gold. They also are not an investment, they are a value hedge to be sure, but the purchasing power of gold and silver hasn’t really changed in thousand of years. Which is amazing. There is short term fluctuations but in the long run now the same amount of silver will get you what it did 500 years. Even though there is vastly more of it in circulation now than there was back then, because more uses are found frequently for it.

    If an apocalyptic event happens and all the banks are destroyed the knowledge of how to use silver and gold to do things won’t disappear its too decentralized so it’s value will hold better. It will take a huge hit for quite a while. But it will bounce back as the means of production are put in place. Then by having capital you can come out on top in the New world order that emerges.

  5. Here’s what ya do. Find an honest dealer. Ask around. Start by getting your hands on silver rounds or bars. Or, Purchase Junk Silver. Ya know, Half dollars. Quarters and dimes. These are easy to aquire and everybody knows what they are. Or, Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs. They’re 1 ounce. Easy Peasy.

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