Behind the initiatives to broaden accessibility to psychological healthcare in Massachusetts


Massachusetts has actually opened over 2 loads brand-new area behavior university hospital throughout the state in an initiative to boost accessibility to psychological wellness solutions. Kathy Mague, Senior Vice President of the Behavioral Health Network and also Vicker DiGravio III, President of Riverside Community Care, signed up with Craig LeMoult to review what the facilities they supervise are seeing up until now. GBH News is a leading resource for extensive neighborhood information and also initial tale informing based in Boston,Massachusetts Subscribe to the GBH YouTube network: Follow GBH News on Instagram: Like GBH News on Facebook: Follow GBH News on Twitter:


3 thoughts on “Behind the initiatives to broaden accessibility to psychological healthcare in Massachusetts”

  1. I’m hoping you can stand up and fight back to help all who are in need of help this is very important for them to be able to stand up and be strong again in someone turning their back on any addict or any drug person who needs the help of individuals who have been in their shoes I’m a mother who has a daughter in the street has been a drug addict for over 40 years I am very disappointed that I’m hoping that someone can help her we all love our children and will miss them if they were deceased and gone just is not acceptable behavior of someone who endangers our children with the wrong type ofDrugs the people who gives it to them is not their friend they have no idea that others are killing family members siblings that closest to them buy a hate crime it is a true factor and no lie it is a reality this needs to cease now

  2. It is one step in one day at a time like I told you I won the past it is not going to happen overnight we all know this individuals in need of help or needing everyone to be there but also the give them back their self-confidence we all know that when they come down they end up being someone who has no idea what they have been put through until after the back on their feet and its explain to them what was going on it is not about reminding of them the past and it is not something that a parent did or put the drugs in the it is about adults who are not their friends and not their parent as an adult family member I see there is a lot of folks in this lately that folks or explaining that the dirt child was exposed to drugs by other pures who have been on drugs for years are not the friend and truly don’t care whether they live or die

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