Best Beginner Paintball Set Up Under $350!

In this video we are giving our opinions on the best paintball set up under $350 Let Us Know Your Opion on THIS Topic In The Comments & Any other topics or video ideas you’d like to see us cover in the future! For All Your Paintball Needs Shop Now @ #ANSgear #Paintball #Sports

16 thoughts on “Best Beginner Paintball Set Up Under $350!”

  1. Other than the mask, the swab is the most important part. Any marker will shoot. With that said I would recommend the EnMey. These days, (now that 10 ball-per-second is enough) electronic markers are no longer considered an ‘upgrade.’ Mechanical markers provide more feedback and subsequently a more responsive and satisfying game.

  2. if your budget is 350, it’s way better to just go onto the BST’s and get some good used gear from a reputable source. for this kind of money you could get a carbon tank, Emek, used Vio, and an ir2 hopper and be 100% better off. maybe not for quite 350, but for 400 bucks you can absolutely pick up an incredible setup that won’t need to be upgraded much at all, if any, if you continue to play.

  3. I actually tried this out before watching the video and had the eNMEy and JT revo but I also did it without using “deals” so had to then get a usual $50 steelie and HK HSTL mask.

    To me, if your budget is $300, you probably shouldn’t play paintball. This isn’t me discriminating nor saying it’s a rich person activity, however let me be the first to tell someone who is thinking about getting in, it is a VERY expensive hobby. Realize cases of paint are now anywhere from $60-$80 at your local field, you still will need your entry and air for the day, this isn’t factoring in as well any clothes you’ll basically dedicate to this new outdoor activity especially if you plan on playing in the woods, there are a lot of other costs other than a $300 setup.

    I’d honestly and truly push for someone to have a $500 budget if you’re trying to get a beginner setup, and firstly choose a good quality mask. You don’t need to spend $200 on it, however as your main piece of equipment you need NO MATTER WHAT while on a paintball field, this honestly to me should be the “best” purchase imo.

    You can definitely still rock a steelie tank, absolutely nothing wrong with that and it does the job and should get you a hopper and couple pods off in a round, so I’d say that would be fine, but also perhaps upgrade the hopper into a spire IR/IR2 or a rotor LTR. Not having feeding issues can be a huge bump in your play, and both these loaders get that job done while still acting as proper battery powered hoppers.

    At this point you’re probably still looking at the eNMEy as the starter gun but it’s still a good one. If possible I’d grab a 14″ barrel, and a pod pack of any choosing. Both these items shouldn’t matter as a pod pack simply will hold pods no matter why you buy it from, and a barrel is a barrel. You’ll be much more accurate with a longer barrel and therefore not going to have to shoot as much paint to get that out.

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