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As a business owner, you should not be the one doing your bookkeeping, as you should be making the most of your time building ideas on how to grow your business. Good thing, Quickbooks is here– a very valuable tool for any business to systematize the accounting process. These days, it’s easy to outsource your accounting processes even if you have trust issues. You can set up a view-only bank account online and enable them for the read-only accounting login. In this way, they can view or reconcile your books but can’t move your account. Learn more from Joe: Watch and Enjoy! Joe Camberato Want to explore funding options for your business? click here: Subscribe to Joe’s channel: Learn more about Joe and connect with him here: Disclaimer: The information and insights in this article are provided for informational purposes only, and do not constitute financial, legal, tax, business or personal advice from National Business Capital & Services and the author. Do not rely on this information as advice and please consult with your financial advisor, accountant and/or attorney before making any decisions. If you rely solely on this information it is at your own risk. The information is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge, but there may be errors, omissions or mistakes.

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    1. Hey Anthony, as your business starts to grow, I highly recommend getting a bookkeeping service. It will free up so much time to allow you to put your focus on other areas of your business. I’d love to get you connected to a member of my team to discuss the benefits of bookkeeping services. Send me an email at [email protected] with Bookkeeping Software in the subject line so I see it come through 👍

    2. I believe he means you should focus on doing what you do best; grow your business. Doing the minor things takes time away from growing your business. Price out your dollars per hour ratio. Is the money/time spent on book keeping yourself greater or less than the money/time your spend having a professional do it for you?

  1. QuickBooks is too expensive. For the single-owner with a startup small business, this cost is way too high. We need a real basic way to keep the books — a spiral notebook, or a Excel spreadsheet. What is next after the spreadsheet? There has to be a really low cost step-up (before QuickBooks). That’s what some of us are looking for. After growing a bit more, then we can move up to a QuickBooks or even a professional service. We need to know what is the step after Excel but BEFORE QuickBooks. What’s your advice (Joe)…

  2. First, I like you better with your beard. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, lol….Hi Mr Joe. Thank you for sharing this info. I am a fairly new business owner and learning everything kind of in a backwards way. I’ve been doing everything on my own or as much as possible. One reason is because I’m trying to operate my business in a debt-free manner and not spending money on things if I don’t need to. So I’m taking the time to learn about CRM’s, Bookkeeping, etc and realized I do need to spend money in some places. I am really good a dotting my i’s and crossing my T’s with listing everything now and do that only because I can’t afford some monthly fees just yet, until by business grows and have consistent income. Still not understanding a lot so I just may have to give you guys a call.

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