Best Free Accounting Software for Small Business Owners

We are looking at the best free accounting software you can use Free Bookkeeping software: Click “Show More” to see my Favorite Business Tools and Affiliate Disclosure ——- 👉My small business recommended resources👇 Novo Business Bank Account: Gusto Payroll Service: ($200 Bonus) Business Credit Card ($500 Bonus): Quickbooks Online: (50% off 3 months) Airbnb: (Up to $500 bonus): Airbnb Supplies: ——- DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe. However, this does not impact my opinions and comparisons.

21 thoughts on “Best Free Accounting Software for Small Business Owners”

  1. Are you able to categorize multiple items in each vendor transaction? ie My total is $600 to a vendor (say Amazon) and $200 is office supplies and $300 is parts and $100 is shop supplies. Can it be broken down like that? Also is there a Cash Basis option? or is it just accrual?

  2. Hello! Would you happen to know how to enter starting balances from a trial balance? They used to have a starting balance tab under accounting and since it’s gone I can’t figure out how to enter my trial balance figures by journaling them. Their information to do this is not specific with the expense accounts. Thank you!

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