Best Grow Light 2023 Spider Farmer SE1000W 240v Installed On Light Rail 4.0 Stabilizer Robo Arm pt3

com/watch? v= ZjBvFGoFu7I

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21 thoughts on “Best Grow Light 2023 Spider Farmer SE1000W 240v Installed On Light Rail 4.0 Stabilizer Robo Arm pt3”

  1. Fuq I need that light mover!! I have another batch of no till to bake and wanna upgrade from my 5×5 to a 5×10 tent. I can’t run more power with my situation…..the light mover will totally solve that issue if it can mount up to a tent 🤔🤔🤔

    1. @HygroHybrid  hmm, maybe I should still try adding another se-7000 then and double the yield. Getting that extra power is an issue which is why I didn’t get the 1000w. It was on sale for the same price I paid for mine buy I can’t plug in that 220v 😖 I wanna put 2 small 3’x3′ no-till beds in a 5×10

  2. Quick question Love the content I’m doing my first run ever in a rdwc setup and am struggling on a nutrient line to choose. I am currently running General hydroponics. Micro grow bloom with additives but would like to switch to either current culture, Humboldt secret or aqua flakes a-b any recommendations on which one would be best in hydro I live in upstate ny thanks and keep the content coming

    1. Yeah I know exactly what you are talking about, I try deleting all that crap but it’s impossible to keep up with. That’s actually something that every YouTube channel has been battling for awhile now. I’ve even contacted YouTube about it, they don’t do anything or care. I’m starting to think it’s YT doing all those scams! LoL

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