Bill Holter – Perhaps the Fed’s Plan is to Crash the System

SBTV talked with Bill Holter, broker with Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments, regarding the coming financial accident that will certainly tower over the 2008 Great Financial Crisis as well as why maybe the Fed’s strategy to collapse the excessively indebted system.

Discussed in this meeting:
01:35 Getting out of the system.
03:49 Is the buck dead?
09:09 Eisenhower’s caution of lost power.
12:35 Moving far from the buck.
17:04 Game over.
19:58 The Fed is standing out the credit score balloon.
22:30 The coming accident.
23:43 When the credit score dominoes drop.

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25 thoughts on “Bill Holter – Perhaps the Fed’s Plan is to Crash the System”

  1. 16:10 When he talks about gold and silver, “going to infinity” … there’s something we need to keep in mind, to maintain perspective. He mentions that a cup of coffee will also “go to infinity”. In other words … if you have 1000 oz’s of silver, you basically have 1000 nice steak dinner’s in reserve, no matter what the currency does. An ounce of silver got you a steak dinner 2000 years ago, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future … 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Naysayers state the brics plus countries dont trust each other so will not trade in non us dollars. The brics + however DO NOT trust the globalist banker mafia that has taken over the u.s. government. But they do trust gold. So there is no choice. People with little money should stack u.s. nickels. 75% copper and 25% nickel currently worth 7 cents in metal value which will skyrocket in a hyperinflation.

  3. The builders are building everything everywhere. New homes being built everywhere . Large new apartments buildings going up everywhere along with New stripmalls and HUGE Warehouses and they are still getting land ready for ever more expasive building . This is a huge building boom.

  4. When the bank robs you and you are not allowed recorce except many years of litigation in this corupt system . It’s is no longer the America we loved . It belongs to the banks . They play golf together playing a different game . You are not invited unless you have something they want .

  5. So exactly what is Bill’s work ?Perhaps it is to sell silver for Miles Franklin .. Could Bill , who is now dressed in camouflage, be promoting fear of the end of civilisation so as to make more silver sales ? Put simply, Bill is a utube silver salesman folks!!

    1. Somehow I don’t view the walking on water , the casting out of demons , the feeding of multitudes , the turning of water to wine , the healing of the blind in the same light as a recommendation to purchase silver from a representative of Miles Franklin. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind listening to Mr Holter but see it for what it is… Jesus certainly did . Cheers.

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