Bluey BLUE Rainbow Friends in the Toilet! 🚽🌈 | Pretend Play Bluey Toys | Rainbow Friends Toys

BLUEY’S NEW TOILET FRIEND IS BLUE THE RAINBOW FRIEND! 🚽🌈 Bluey finds a strange face in the toilet – its BLUE the Rainbow Friend! Blue does some pretty interesting things in and around the Heeler house. Will Blue be naughty or nice?… and will Blue care or will he jumpscare? 🫣🤭 You won’t want to miss what goes on in this wacky pretend play episode with Bluey toys and Rainbow Friends toys! ⭐️🎃⭐️ Tune in to Bunya Toy Town for a NEW Bluey Halloween pretend play video with Bluey toys every weekend in October! ⭐️🎃⭐️ Please support our channel ❤️ 👉 Like, share and subscribe for more Bluey toys videos! We have a new video every weekend 😊 ❤️ Thank you to all our new and returning viewers. Your support means the world to us! ❤️️ We hope you enjoy this video 🙂 ✅ Watch MORE Bluey Halloween pretend play videos on our playlist: ➡️ ✅ Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel HERE 🙂 ➡️ #bluey #blueytoys #pretendplay #blueyfullepisodes

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