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  1. I’m so glad you have Jesus in your life. My husband is declining and I lean into Jesus everyday. He’s my comfort and my strength. I pray for your strength to deal with life’s challenges. Know you are blessed though somedays seem so alone. You are not!!! If it seems no one is there Jesus and I are there.

  2. Poor thing. I have numerous things going on in my life an I feel bad cause I never feel good….rarely! I remember when I didn’t feel like this. I tool over the care of my grandson when he was 2 yrs old an he’s 17 yrs old now. I’m on an antidepressants an they really don’t help me as much as I’d like them to. My illness starts with my headaches an my neckache. I’ve had two surgery twice on my neck. The surgeries were a success but then my neck started hurting due to my Scar tissue and from my Arthritis. I’m not wanting sympathy just some empathy. Right now I don’t have a car an it’s been a struggle. I’m going to a Dr who acts like he just doesn’t care. I need to change Dr’s but I’m on Medicare. So I have to keep my GP unless another Dr will accept my Aetna. I’m in a rut but am trying dig out. Plus my grandson has three more months before he graduates. It’s been a struggle. Pray that he does graduate….if not what has it all been for?

  3. Advocating and pushing back is SUCH a drainer. My heart goes out to you. I was gravely ill with Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. We are very complicated beings. All the love I can muster goes out to you dear one. God bless you and heal you I pray in Jesus name.

  4. When I was 22, I knew there was something wrong. I went to 8 different doctors all males, and each one said the same thing. “You are just anxious and over-thinking” and would prescribe me a benzodiazepine. I was ready to just give up but I tried one more doctor, female BTW, and she listened to me and did specific testing with blood labs. That doctor found I had an autoimmune disease, scleroderma, specifically a sub variant called CREST. I had asked the doctors previously to do autoimmune disease testing because I researched and I knew it had to be that. I was dismissed over and over with them citing,”oh you’re way too young for that”. Finally the last doctor, she listened and she gave me my answer. That was 28 years ago now. From that point on I learned to speak up and demand to be taken seriously. I achieved my dream of becoming an R.N. at age 38. I make sure my patients, psychiatric hospitalized specifically, know that I will advocate for them. I listen to them. I watch doctors dismiss patients too often. It happened when I did 3 years in med/surge and it happens all the time in my 8 years as a psych nurse. I vow to never dismiss the people I am privileged to care for. I hope you will be well on your journey!

  5. Wow years and years of hiding yr illnesses, that sucks, you must feel releaved that someone finally took the time to actually listen, im pretgy sure this vlog HAS helped many others who like you suffering in silence and just sucking it up, on behalf of all sufferers bravo, you brave woman,

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