Campervan Rental in Scotland – what’s included?


How much does it cost to rent a campervan? What is included in that cost? It varies from outfit to outfit, but I go and visit Highland Auto Campers at Muir of Ord near Inverness in Scotland to see what they include in the hire of their Auto Campers vans. If you’re looking for a camper van for hire in Scotland, do look them up on In this video I show you what to expect when renting a campervan. I also ask how much does it cost to rent a campervan for the weekend, and you’ll be surprised that it’s not as expensive as you might think. To see my video with a FULL REVIEW of the Auto Campers MRV (similar to the vans here) please see To check out my ‘how to’ video about driving in Scotland, and how to prepare for driving your campervan in Scotland, please see my video from the Series ‘How to Hebrides’ that covers all you will need to know: My equipment is as follows (Amazon Affiliate Links): MAIN VLOGGING CAMERA: Canon G7X – (most of this vlog was shot on this camera) DEAD MOUSE FOR CANON G7X: Micromuff skinny wind muffler (currently unavailable on Amazon) SMART PHONE: iPhone 7+ – WINDSCREEN SUCTION MOUNT: MAIN CAMERA: Sony A7Sii – Now discontinued so check out ACTION CAMERA: Sony FDR-X3000 with waterproof housing – DRONE: DJI Mavic Pro – VOICEOVER MICROPHONE: Rode NT-USB – TABLE TOP TRIPOD: Neewer – LAVALIER (LAPEL) MICROPHONE: Boya BY-M1 – LED LIGHT: Neewer dimmable on-camera LED light – AUDIO RECORDER: Zoom H4n – WIND MUFFLER FOR SOUND RECORDER: CARBON FIBRE VIDEO TRIPOD: Calumet legs (discontinued) with Manfrotto head. Try this new equivalent – SELFIE STICK: Similar version – GIMBAL (STABILISER): Feiyutech a2000 – (nb – this is a link to the one-handled version as I have. I would recommend you learn from my mistake and go for the two-handled version as the rig gets very heavy very quickly. The two-handled version is only £20 more – ) PLEASE FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! #campervan #rental #scotland

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    1. It’s a very very nice video. It’s my homeland but I’ve never been there since my parents moved out of country when I was born I hope to get back maybe when I retire and all our relatives that soundly are getting older and I don’t know the younger generation we’re so disengaged. So unfortunately my siblings and my children feel American and not Scottish at all

  1. Mr Ditton sir, can I ask as question relating to the Adria Supreme SLB please, you said in your video that the bedroom was gloomy because of the air con unit which I could see from the video itself but can I ask do you think albeit not from your travels in chilly Scotland but do you think the use of the air con unit might outweigh the gloominess for normal summer months in the UK and Europe? Best regards and keep up the excellent work from one of many of your subscribers

    1. Sir? Have I been knighted by the Queen? ;@) (But it’s far more polite than ‘oi, mush!)  It’s a personal thing David… I think as summers get hotter, and if you plan on spending them in the South of England or further South in Europe, then Aircon would probably be a Godsend. Not quite so useful in the Hebrides!

    2. @Andrew Ditton My mother always taught me manners cost nothing and I am very grateful for the response even if it I put it on the wrong video! 🙂 Much appreciated Mr Ditton, one last question will you be doing a review of the Grand Cali 680 any time soon? I do hope so would love to hear what you think as I am sort of torn between the Adria and the 4 motion VW. Again maybe you feel that 4×4 is a waste of money? have you wished you had it when doing your trips and wild camping? Many Thanks David

  2. A fully equipped van to rent. That’s a great opportunity if you’re traveling there by plane and cannot bring all the stuff with you. Fair enough pricing. And the service sounds really great. Wish them all the best for their business. They seem very friendly.

  3. Ha ha ! last year the warden at Culloden said that she had seen the dolphins at Chanonry point and they had been there for the last few nights. Three hours later and cup of tea getting cold nothing . So even pretending I was going to leave whilst looking over my shoulder, not even a fin. So Dougal my dear dog it was not just you.
    Kind wishes Pamela

  4. Nice well informed video,I love the whole idea of camper vans,I’ve done one or two conversions in the past,on completion of my first,wich was a high top long wheel base transit,the day after I finished,we went to the Isle of Skye,such a wonderful place,had plenty of fishing,cooking them straight from the sea,hiking and climbing the Cullen hills,out of this world mountain range,with fantastic views,the interior of the van was the furnishings from an old caravan,I paid 150 for it and stripped it myself,the cooker water pump heater all worked fine,well as of next week we are moving to Aberdeen,and I can’t wait,happy camping chaps,🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍👍👍

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