CAN drops the hammer on the Hammerschlagen Challenge!

Canister goes down the hammer on the Hammerschlagen Challenge!

When the chance came near get a Hammerschlagen log our Business Development Officer, Justin Trowbridge, could not withstand! So currently we’re releasing a difficulty!

Downtown for a mid-day? In the location for lunch? Got time in between conferences? Just wish to visit as well as greet? Looking for a reason to NOT return to the workplace? Looking for a reason to leave the workplace? Just wish to visit as well as have a little enjoyable with group container? The address my close friends … is Hammerschlagen!

Hammerschlagen is a video game that comes fromGermany Played throughout Oktoberfest individuals collect round as well as have fun with sledgehammers.

Nate in mid “Schlagen”

Players take turns utilizing the sharp end of the hammer as well as attempt to drive a nail right into the log. Whomever can sink the nail flush initially is the victor!

We are the ruling champs of the inter workplace Hammerschlagen globe champion. (our workplace, our globe champion) As champs, we need to tackle all oppositions to safeguard our title!

All we ask is you fire us an e-mail, message, or phone call to make certain we remain in the workplace as well as not in the center of a conference!

Want among your very own? Need a house Hammerschlagen benefit? Get in contact with our close friends at Wood Chaser!

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