Can I beat an F1 WORLD CHAMPION at karting?

Let’s see if some motorsport fans can beat an F1 world champion, a multiple F1 race winner AND the original Stig in a kart race. Find out more about the charity here: Listen to the FULL PODCAST here: Follow us Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Tiktok: PCSpecialist: Email: [email protected]

15 thoughts on “Can I beat an F1 WORLD CHAMPION at karting?”

  1. Things I love about this vid:
    – The hilarious character intro
    – Tommo collaborating more with P1 because they are my favs in the F1 YT space
    – Loving the variation of vids you guys put up and I love seeing more of these vlog type of vids in the future!
    – Tommo struggling to eat a burger 7:06 🤣
    – A climactic end to the race which in reality I didn’t thought would happen in the beginning
    – Tommy’s “WOOP WOOP WOOP” 15:07

    Keep up with the great vids guys!

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