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If you are wearing braces, you may be concerned that your teeth look yellow, or stained. This is normal, and isn’t something you need to worry about. It can be fixed when your braces come off, if you desire. In this video, Dr Chhaya Chauhan explains why you shouldn’t try whitening your teeth while you are wearing braces. Cosmetic dentist, Dr Chhaya Chauhan explains why. For more information, see our written post on whitening before and after braces: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE NOTE: VIDEO CONTENT IS INTENDED FOR A UK AUDIENCE. INFORMATION MAY STILL APPLY FOR RESIDENTS OF OTHER COUNTRIES BUT LOCAL & REGIONAL DIFFERENCES DO APPLY. ALWAYS CONSULT WITH A DENTAL PROFESSIONAL BEFORE WHITENING YOUR TEETH. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teeth whitening is a complicated and often misunderstood subject within dental health. With the help of our very own in-house cosmetic dentist, Dr Chhaya Chauhan, we have compiled the most comprehensive guide to teeth whitening you will find on the internet. We answer all your questions and let you know what is the best and safest way to whiten your teeth. Take a look at all the videos we have on teeth whitening:

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46 thoughts on “Can you have teeth whitening with braces on?”

    1. A good oral hygiene routine is the best thing you can start with. One from that…
      The best methods are really going to depend on a number of factors.

      1. Have you still got braces or have they been removed?
      2. What country are you based in? (Whitening products vary from one country to another)

  1. Ok so why can’t we whiten our teeth with the braces on and when they get off, have more strips and put them on again? Just don’t put on the whitening strips 50 times before you get your braces off bc then the teeth outside of the square will be 50 shades whiter than the square yk??

    1. There is some logic to this, however, you want to ensure your teeth whiten evenly as best as possible. Performing a whitening procedure when the braces are still on could cause for an inconsistent whitening effect that may not be undone/resolved with whitening once the braces are off.

    1. Regular brushing and flossing is the best approach. You dentist can do some cleaning if required. You could use a whitening toothpaste, but this isn’t really advised. Ideally it is best to wait until they are off so the teeth have can whiten at the same time.

    1. It is likely you can still get braces. You will need to be assessed by an orthodontist before any treatment is approved/begins. Technically there is little reason you could not have a filling and get braces the same day, although typically they are usually completed as 2 separate treatments.

  2. It has been 11months that i got my braces but now I am getting yellow stains under the braces and implants and calculus under tongue thrusting appliance…but i sm very much worried…my doctor haven’t done any kind of cleansing process in these 11months…i do brush twice a day but i have a lot of appliances in my mouth.. seeing these yellow stains is haunting me… please do help

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