Canadian Silver Circulation Coins: A Bullion Investment

Once upon a time Canadian flow coins were constructed from silver! Coins before 1967 were constructed from 80% pure silver. In this video clip we discuss the various Canadian Circulation silver coins: Dimes, Quarters,, Half Dollars, and alsoSilver Dollars Discussing their weights and also pureness and also just how they work as a silver financial investment today. Check out a few of these silver flow coins right here:


27 thoughts on “Canadian Silver Circulation Coins: A Bullion Investment”

  1. Hi, in the 1965 High Bead Nickle, Does the Date Side or Face side have High Beads on it and does the Obverse Side have High Beads on it as well, yes i know there is another Nickle that is supposed to have Low Beads on Both Sides, But the way you Coin Sites have been showing it, IF it is the High Beads are on Both Sides and the Low Beads are on Both Sides, i have one that has High Beads on the Date Side and Low Beads on the Obverse Side, so would this be an error coin or not, PLEASE i need an answer for this???

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  3. Great video there pal. You’re lucky Canada has all those silver coins. Here in Ireland back in the day our coins had the queen’s head on them so they were British. After independence the silver was slowly replaced by base metals. I’ll still collect the queen’s head but oh how I wish we had our own silver coins. Great video. I’ve recently started my own coin channel and I always subscribe to fellow coin collectors and stackers. Liked, subbed and ๐Ÿ””

  4. This is by far the best video on silver and coins I have seen. Thank you. Is there any silver in nickels and what date would that be. I am new at this and just trying to learn for the future as the Americans have me worried about property.
    What about Gold?

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