Cartier Most Famous as well as Iconic Jewellery: A Timeless Legacy

Let’s take a closer take a look at Cartier’s abundant background as well as display one of the most renowned precious jewelry items from this legendary brand name. From the epic Patiala Necklace to the spectacular Panth Γ¨re de Cartier, these classic developments have actually left their mark on the globe of jewelry.

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6 thoughts on “Cartier Most Famous as well as Iconic Jewellery: A Timeless Legacy”

  1. πŸ‘‹ Hi…Also, How come the Tutti Frutti necklace didn’t stay in the British Royal Family? Or become Property of The Crown? Or be inherited by her daughter in law Queen Mary and reading and watching videos of Queen Mary she seems to have had a habit of “collecting” treasured jewelry. I know you said Cartier was inspired by Queen Alexandra’s commission and later expanded it to an entire collection but do you know what became of her Tutti Frutti Collier specifically?

    1. It might be little bit complicated to me to explain. Actually, Queen Alexandra commissioned Cartier to create something in “Indian Style” and during that creation Cartier was inspired by that Indian style and in future that inspiration was used for creation the Tutti Fruity collection, particularly for Daisy Fellowes necklace. Hence, the Queen Alexandra’s “Indian Style” necklace is still in Royal collection (I hope).
      Thanks for you comments by the way πŸ™‚

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