CBDCs are Coming – Digital Dollar vs Gold and also Silver



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25 thoughts on “CBDCs are Coming – Digital Dollar vs Gold and also Silver”

  1. they keep talking 6, 6.5 inflation…but as a consumer/small business, i see price increases of roughly 10% a MONTH…on common goods…food, parts,supplies, etc. they can only pretend its great for so much longer…i think we will all know what we need to do by mid-summer….on a long enough timeline,,,ZH

  2. I’m thinking that Russia , China , India, Brazil ( BRICS ) will all be going to a gold backed digital currency and that the US will have to also go that way…Backed by gold. If I stack gold and the US doesn’t go on a gold backed currency my gold is still very much wanted in many other countries around the world . There will always be a high price paid for your gold .I am trusting in gold far more than the Mighty Fiat US dollar . I remember an interview with a Venezuelan after Socialism destroyed their currency , she said only the people with gold were alright and had plenty …that has stuck with me for a long time

  3. You’ll want to truly start paying close attention when the government directs all banks to establish digital wallets for every citizen in the U.S. That is when the digital dollar will be getting ready to be rolled out. They’ll use that at first to get everyone feeling warm and fuzzy about it. The they’ll make the move to get rid of the dollar and move to a 100pct. CBDC. I hold zero U.S. gold bullion. I only stack Maple Leafs, Kangaroos, Philharmonics, and Britannias. All are extremely liquid worldwide and that meets my use case scenario for holding them. U.S. Gold Bullion coins have had stupid premiums for some time and make no sense for me to hold.

  4. I would think it would be some type of card, in order for them to identify who you are. The thing with that though, is that they would have to embed your fingerprint in the card digitally, in case its stolen or lost. Retailers would then have to have a device that identifies your fingerprint in sync with the card you carry, which is quite possible. It would pretty much be a digital birth certificate. That way they can pretty much track your every move. How else could they kill off or restructure taxes. At least that is what the republicans are trying to push in regards to tax restructure.They are in talks about taxing you on your spending concerning every purchase, monthly or yearly. That is what I’ve grasp thus far.

  5. I don’t agree with your opening. They will move forward fulls team with CBDC as they have to find a way to stiff the rest of the world who are going to de-dollarize. If we left the system as it boat loads of money would come back to the US literally where they would be trying to recoup via physical assets so, to stop this and to gain even more control over the population they are going to go digital and refuse paper period. They will do what UK did recently by giving folks a couple days to move the money from the coffee can or mattress into the bank or forever lose it. Watch and see!

  6. Nineteen Eighty Four, where some read it and took away from it as a warning. Others decided to use it as their playbook. Orwell certainly was a forward thinker in his time which speaks volumes to the man’s intellect.

    Constantly reminded of, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”


  7. Maybe the Republicans will dissolve the Union by not raising the debt ceiling in June and we won’t have to worry about CBDCs, right? We can hope. Right???

    In all seriousness, CBDCs give me true pucker factor. More than 90% of my gold is from the U.S. mint and any more I buy will likely be from the U.S. mint, too, for all the reasons you discuss in the video.

    When it comes to silver, however, I own quite a bit of American Eagles but swapped to my motherland’s Canadian Maple Leafs (“Leaves???”) a few years ago and won’t switch back just because the premium is outrageous on U.S. silver.

    Gold, however, is NOT gold. Gotta go American. Maybe if I move to Britain I’d switch, but their food is just so bland and the dentists are awful there (if they exist at all… snaggle-tooths).

    Thanks for another awesome video, sir! 🙂👍

  8. Question for you buddy. Constant viewer here. I mine placer gold as a hobby, order paydirt, ect. Keep it in vials. From dust to 4+gram nuggets. Whats your perspective on being able to sell it downline.

    Its a hobby first, but then transfers into a savings account.

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