Charity store jewelry secret bag unboxing– what precious jewelry prizes will we locate?

#thrifting #charityshophaul #vintagejewellery #jewelryjar I ENJOY a thrifting witch hunt– join me as I arrange with a charity store secret bag of jewelry trying to find treasures! Will we locate gold, silver as well as rubies or will everything be damaged outfit jewelry? Let’s see what I can upcycle or re-sell in my Etsy as well as stores … Don’ t fail to remember to SUBSCRIBE as well as strike the bell to be informed when I submit brand-new web content! Buy a magnifying loupe (associate web link): Buy a magnet (associate web link): Buy a silver cleansing fabric (associate web link): Buy a characteristics pocket overview publication on Amazon (associate web link): Share your thrifted locates with me on Facebook as well as Instagram– I would certainly enjoy to see what you have actually located! Follow me to see everyday updates as well as discover my upcycled, preloved as well as classic jewelry up for sale: Etsy store: Https:// store: Https:// Instagram: Https:// www.Instagram com/sustainabeadsuk. Facebook: Https:// www.Facebook com/sustainabeads. Get e-mail information, plus 10% off your very first Etsy order: Donate your undesirable jewelry for upcycling – publish a huge letter or little package (no larger than a letterbox, appropriate shipping has to be affixed) to: SustainaBeads, Workshop 114068, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US. Happy thrifting! Cat:-RRB-

12 thoughts on “Charity store jewelry secret bag unboxing– what precious jewelry prizes will we locate?”

    1. @Charlotte Issyvoo’s Sublime Mercies in any case I like what you do with it. I only sell because I enjoy crafting as a late night hobby and sell very cheap. I have a friend that buys from auctions and storage units and I buy stuff he don’t want or is busted. I take care of handicapped sons and crafting jewelry was a good way to stay in house and up late for their needs. Keep up the awesome work hop to see some of your work some day. Best wishes

  1. Charlotte Issyvoo's Sublime Mercies

    That earring at 3:07 is, at the very least, Zuni inspired, if not Zuni made. The Zuni are an Indigenous nation in the American southwest. Really beautiful. I just googled “Zuni jewelry mark K” and found that there are five Indigenous designers, all from the southwest, who use a K mark!
    I collect Red Cross pins, but have never seen the one you have here.
    You could also use the charm at 8:00 as an extender on a necklace.

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much for the info and research! I did wonder if it might be something like that but didn’t know what I was looking for. They’re so beautiful, I was so pleased there was a pair! Great idea for the charm, maybe that’s what it is. Let me know if you’re interested in the pin. I need to set aside some time to binge watch your videos!

    2. Charlotte Issyvoo's Sublime Mercies

      @Jewellery Rescue Not much binge watching possible, since I haven’t made very many. I’m more of a writer. My jewelry usually shows up in my blog. Do you sell pieces? Not sure I want that particular red cross pin or not. I love that they use guilloche. I’m in Canada, so I know a little bit about Indigenous jewelry styles here, though that Zuni style is very different from Haida and other styles where I am. The American southwest is very far from here. North America is HUGE! Those earrings are just beautiful.

    3. @Charlotte Issyvoo’s Sublime Mercies ooh I’ll look at the blog too, thanks! I do, I have an Etsy shop and eBay – our international delivery with Royal Mail is all on hold at the moment due to a cyber incident apparently but if you were interested I’d be happy to hold it aside for when we can (no expectations or pressure!). It must be a whole area of specialist expertise and knowledge to look into, that’s one of the things I love about all this, there’s always something new to learn!

    4. Charlotte Issyvoo's Sublime Mercies

      @Jewellery Rescue I noticed that some UK etsy shops I follow aren’t delivering to Canada right now. I hadn’t heard about this in the news. Are the links to your shops in your bio here? I wrote two blog posts using my own collection: The ABCs of Collecting Vintage Costume Jewelry. I’m no expert on these Red Cross pins. I just happened to get one just before Covid hit, and I had a very serious medical emergency that put me in the hospital for a week. (I almost died.) I started collecting the pins as a way to show my appreciation to healthcare workers. I helped an etsy seller return a nurse’s Red Cross pin to the family of a nurse who died caring for people in the 1918 Influenza Epidemic. That felt special.

    5. @Charlotte Issyvoo’s Sublime Mercies wow, what a story, that’s amazing! Glad to hear it all worked out okay and how special to return the pin. Yes there’s a link in my About section, the shop is called SustainaBeads (that’s my biz name). I don’t have any pins or brooches listed at the moment I don’t think but I have looaaads to list 🙈

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