Cleaning Old Silver Bullion: Part 1 – Grease and grime .com/watch?v=pTDYUqPXfPE

My recent Engelhard silver bar needs a little TLC. This simple potion uses warm water and industrial ammonia, a known degreasing agent, to clean off the build up of 35 years of gunk ahead of my plans for removing the unsighlty toning spots. Enjoy!

27 thoughts on “Cleaning Old Silver Bullion: Part 1 – Grease and grime”

  1. Nice video. I definitely like to keep a mirror finish on my new bars that are more massed produced and just look better with a mirror finish (like the Brittannia Bars) but I leave my older Englehard and J&M bars alone. They actually look better kinda scruffy but I guess it’s all about preference.

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