Cleaning Old Silver Bullion: Part 2 – Toning .com/watch?v=7bmsbhl1ux0

Part 2 of the journey to perfection for this Engelhard 10 oz Bar. This Tall E design will stand taller after we remove the toning! Let’s do this!

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  1. Hiya man, I commented on one of your videos about a year back. I’m planning a trip and considering selling my stack. I’m through Edinburgh way. It’s mainly 1oz/2oz proof coins but there’s a couple interesting hand poured 1oz bars, a 100g German bar and a 250g Certificated PAMP bar. Let me know if you are interested I thought I’d give you the opportunity before I hit Gumtree. 🙂👍 Its approximately 1 kilo total weight I’d need to check.

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