Coin Dealer Explains How to Get Cheap Silver!

In this video I talk with a coin shop owner about cheap silver. If you want to get low premium silver then this is the video for you. We talk about world silver coins and even damaged silver coins. If you are silver stacking or investing in silver then it is important to look for silver that is priced right. I was able to buy an American Silver Eagle under spot at the coin shop today. World silver coins are not the right this to be stacking for everyone and we talk about that as well. Some people would prefer to stack silver coins, silver bars and silver rounds which would fall into the silver bullion category. I love going to different coin shops and seeing their selection and Harry’s Coin Shop has one of the best! Harry’s Coin Shop Videos:

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21 thoughts on “Coin Dealer Explains How to Get Cheap Silver!”

  1. King Charles is loser, no one likes him outside the UK. Let them put Princess Diana on it, they wouldn’t be able to make them fast enough. I have spoken to local my MHA and sent emails to anyone I could about putting Charles on our Canadian money, no one wants it. Great channel and shop.

  2. When my daughter was little, she found old silver coins in the sand at the water’s edge on many trips to the beach. I would usually have to point them out and say “What’s that?” “Dig a little.” “See what it is.” “Oh, it’s an old silver coin.” She still has not figured out that Dad bought up some old junk silver coins and dropped them in the appointed spot, and pushed them a little into the sand, two seconds before pointing them out.

  3. i always prefer silver circulated(uncirculated is welcomed as well, if cheap LOL) coins over simple bullions. Some of them, if at least at F~VF, could fetch extra numismatic value to certain buyers. For starters, British & colony cents/pennies/florins/crowns are the cheaper ones to look for, Americans can try some Mexican or Peruvian ones. 70% of my stacks consists of these ones, others are mixed with bullions, proofs and modern BUs.

  4. im from canada and just recently started a new colletion after losing 25000 dollar collection from being burglarized so wondering if you guys have a list i could get of canadain coins and maybe i could replace some of the coins i lost . ty and i love you guys your all so great love the episode where you guys brought your favorite coins in it was great .Ty for all your great insites on coin collecting i love it .

  5. The whole idea of a barter system in some apocalyptic future to me is a joke. For all you know people could use seashells for currency and I believe most people would be extremely violent and take what they want
    On the offhand that it would be something like a barter system than knowing the actual purity of your coins doesn’t really matter as long as you think it is what you think it is.

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