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For over 12 years we have been perfecting our minting process, to provide the highest quality minted pieces. We are constantly updating and refining our process, and we want to share with you our progress. Come inside the mint with us to see how Quality Silver Bullion is made. Feel free to leave comments and questions about the process. If you want to learn more about QSB, visit our website:

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  1. @ostrich101ful We do not ship outside the US because of problems we have had shipping internationally. Have you had precious metals shipped to you from the US? If so…How much silver/gold was it?… How was it shipped (FedEx ground Insured, UPS…)? …Did you have to pay Duties or Taxes on your end? …How much were you charged for shipping?

    We have looked into shipping outside the but have not found the right solution that provides both security and affordability. Any Thought?

    1. I used to have a business with a similar problem , what I ended up doing was hiring the daughter of a multimillionaire , she used to courier for us and never stole anything , and her mother liked that she was actually working instead of just being a rock band groupie . She made $300 – $500 a flight and that allowed her to buy things her mother would not pay for , like cigarettes.

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