Coin Shop Owner’s HONEST Opinion on Using Silver for Barter

In this video I talk with a coin shop owner about using silver for barter. When it comes to silver stacking and investing in silver to use it for potential barter the best silver to buy is junk silver. Junk silver is fractional and recognizable so it is the best option when it comes to bartering. Other types of silver could potentially be used for barter as well such as silver rounds, silver coins, and silver bars. My local coin shop owner Harry, has an unpopular opinion on silver and if it will be used for barter or not. He also talks about the most popular precious metals in the shop right now and the top silver and gold items right now. If you want to invest in silver or purchase physical silver bullion then this is the video for you. Harry’s Coin Shop Videos:

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26 thoughts on “Coin Shop Owner’s HONEST Opinion on Using Silver for Barter”

  1. I 100% agree with these guys. I have always said if SHTF the only people that will be bartering will be privatized meaning those who have it will barter with it, but it doesn’t mean everyone will. Like for example if the dollar is no longer a thing and we only have CBDC’s I think only the people who understand this stuff will use it as payment. Which is unfortunate. Too much government overreach is never good and the founding fathers warned us of this too so. Like they say those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. And I think we are going to be making a 360 degree turn in the wrong direction and it’s really sad because if we lose freedom here, bud there’s no where we can go for salvation. This is it. We lose the USA we live on a communist planet plane and simple.

  2. Thanks for the good summary! Now is the perfect time to start buying stocks and crypto( BTC, ETH,) if you are just being introduced.. I really wish I started earlier. I’m learning this doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make it out to be. Thanks to Linda Wilburn Program for helping me get into her trading server and investing guidelines. Investing and trading are more than just having TA skills. There is a big component of discipline and emotional maturity, that one has to work on! Time in the market vs. timing the market. If you keep that mentality as an investor, you will stay calm during the storm! Within some months I was making a lot more money and have continued on that same path with Linda.

  3. Even with pristine looking bullion, a brutal centerpunch hole that gives perspective of good 999 silver- alloy ingredients, and thus also a attachment hole for a nice brass or gold “shackle” and chain < ---- < for comparison "perspective" would be a good feel-good bartering allure

    1. 16:18 pride goeth before destruction

      @Gyrate & that is the false perception you & others have been given. You are shown the spot price & look at the price & how much you can buy or sell with currency instead of looking at gold. The perception has been reversed.
      When the dollar’s purchasing power strengthens, you need less to buy gold, but when it weakens you need more to buy the same amount of gold.
      So instead of responding with false. Realise & accept the perception of gold (real money/wealth) has been replaced with currency which is nothing more than the government saying every citizen has to accept currency as trade.

      1st step. Convince citizens their (money) gold & silver would be safer out of their hand/possession & safer in the hand of a bank.

      2nd step. Convince citizens & use law to coerce their acceptance of currency/paper which has no value but a number printed on it for a means of exchange.

      3rd step. Tell citizens (currency) “cash is king” & gold’s proce moves up or down while hoping citizens are too stupid to realize gold is NOT MOVING IN PRICE & if gold rice increases then the currency is losing its trading ability. Suddenly you need 19x bank notes stating $100 just to obtain a gold coin stamped $100.

      4th step. Currency is still a possession with the illusion of having value so we’ll go completely cashless to ensure citizens gave no possession to trade with & therefore citizens will truly own nothing that will empower them with the ability to trade on their terms for goods & services.

      Gold & silver has always been used as money. When it comes to buying bullion, you need to understand this.

      The price of Gold creates the illusion it is increasing so it costs more & has more value. GOLD NEVER LOST VALUE. THE DOLLAR IS LOSING VALUE SO WE NEED MORE OF IT TO BUY THE SAME AMOUNT OF GOLD!


      If you think or believe gold loses or gains value then you have been deceived. Gold is a node, it just stays the same.

      The ultra wealthy aren’t buying silver, they are putting a portion of their wealth into gold as a safety net, a true form of saving & preserving wealth.

      But if you don’t believe this information is true & trying to help then research further. People who understand & know what gold actually is do not see an investment. They see stability & preservation of their hard earned wealth.


  4. Barter precious metals is always between people owning more than needed. Owners of precious metals are the better half of society, who doesn’t own is on the dark side. Nowadays only natural catastrophes in worldwide scale might force us to deal with preciousmetals for survival. But that’s in our established society, some others like Russian or North Korean could face it soon.

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