Coin Shop SELLING OUT of Silver and Gold

In this video I talk to a coin shop owner about silver demand and why he is selling out of silver and gold. We talk about how the smart silver stackers are buying up all of the silver while silver price is low. Now is a great time to be silver stacking or investing in silver. Silver price is the lowest it has been in around 7 months. We talk about why silver price is low and gold price is low and what affects gold and silver prices. We talk about Costco selling gold bars and how the Costco gold bars seem to be always sold out. I also ask Harry what the best type of silver is for silver stacking right now. Harry says that low premium silver such as silver rounds and junk silver is the best. Silver coins and silver eagles can be good as well. If you want to watch more videos at Harry’s coin shop then click the playlist below: Harry’s Coin Shop Videos:

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22 thoughts on “Coin Shop SELLING OUT of Silver and Gold”

    1. @Harry’s Coin Shop I would hope not, but times are changing. I grew up in the 80’s riding my bike to the LCS when I was a kid. The owner got me into collecting coins and silver. Been stacking since. Also, collecting sports cards as well. And, loved visiting my local card shops. But, now they are all gone. LCS near me are closing now too just like the card shops did. Times are changing, and not for the better IMO. Good Luck.

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