Cost of living concerns, healthcare control as MPs go back to Ottawa

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15 thoughts on “Cost of living concerns, healthcare control as MPs go back to Ottawa”

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  1. It’s hilarious to hear yet another Lying Liberal uses the Term “Nobody Left Behind” and yet you’ve left all Disabled Canadians to depend upon M.A.I.D because we’re not being properly supported! You’ve bragged about Saving Money by using M.A.I.D & You brag about how many organ transplants that have been accomplished since M.A.I.D eligibility to have been extended. All the wonderful lives you saved because you murdered defenseless people.

    1. Don’t fall on the conservative liberal divide trap.

      They all serve the same masters. Liberals and conservatives are two cheeks of the same butt.

      They are not there to represent the people. Tjwu are there to represent the elite and the special interests.

      From the banking, telecommunications, airline, housing development industry and so forth.

      All the big Gs from Bay Street.

      Those are their masters and bosses, not us

  2. It is time for the canadian public to cast their votes to elect the NDP to govern Canada as both the Liberals and the Conservatives have proved to be an untrustful group of people due to their past pathetic performances in governing
    The NDP is there for the people.,

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